45 Photos Demonstrate Mother Nature’s Wildness

“So There’s Been A Bit Of Rain In Ireland Recently”

“Heavy Rain Turns Stairway Into A Waterfall”

“This Tree Was Struck By Lightning 3 Hours Ago”

“Lightning Hit Sidewalk”

“Cedar Tree Explosion”

“A storm blew through central Kansas this evening and exploded this cedar tree near my house. Someone speculated it was a microburst. I just thought it was neat.”

“My Friend Was Flying Out Of Phoenix Last Night. He Just Missed The Dust Storm”

“This Is The Road I’m Supposed To Drive On My Final Driving Test This Morning. Fog My Life”

“My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas. This Is Her View”

“Summers In England”

“This Tree Collapsed In A Very Strange Way From The Weight Of The Snow”

“The Sky In Murcia, Spain, Turned Orange Because Of Dust From The Sahara”

“Over 4 Meters (13 Ft.) Of Snow At Riksgränsen Skii Resort In Northen Sweden”

“When It’s Your Stop And The Doors Open To This”

“Hurricane Mattew Was A Sod Of A Beach In Daytona”

“Dedication On Display For Buffalo Bills Fans”

“Welcome To Narnia: Two Days Of Gale Force Winds Along Lake Erie Have Iced Over Many Of The Homes Along The Beach In Hamburg, NY”

“Went To Go See The Golden Gate Bridge”

“What Happens In Southern Utah After A Wind Storm”

“Took This Pic When The Sandstorm Was About To Hit”

“Lightning Strikes A Golf Practice Green In Iowa”

“Tree In My Town Burning From A Lightning Strike”

“Thickness Of Ice On My Windshield In Romania”

“This Is What Happens In My Hometown When You Don’t Leave The Faucet Trickling In The Winter. Pipes Bursting In Watertown, NY”

“Tornado-Driven Branch Impales My House Directly Above My Kid’s Bed”‘

“It’s Been So Cold, I Snapped My Welcome Mat”

“Damaging Winds And Severe Storms Just Blew Through Indiana. Patio Table Stuck Into A Wall”

“I Guess I’m Not Driving Anywhere Today”

“Lightning Blew Up My Mailbox Last Night, Of All The Things”

“My Trip To Mount Rushmore Last Year”

“This Photo Was Taken At 9 AM On August 17, 2018, In Prince George, British Columbia. The Smoke From The Wildfires Is So Thick It’s Blocking Out The Sun”

“I Hate Freezing Rain”

“This Tree Fell And Pulled The Whole Lawn Up With It”

“Our Beloved Hotdog Stand Got Damaged During Hurricane Irma”

“Hurricane Damaged Boardwalk”

“A Bit Windy Today”

“Got A Call Earlier That A Tree Fell On My House”

“Iowa Corn Flattened By 100mph Winds”

“The Roof In My Apartment Collapsed Due To Rain, But The Latex Paint Caught The DrywallThe Roof In My Apartment Collapsed Due To Rain, But The Latex Paint Caught The Drywall”

“I (Left) Was Excited To See The Tip Of Africa From Gibraltar But… Fog. Still The Closest I’ve Ever Been”

“Algeria, Les Fusillés Metro Station This Evening. After The Torrential Rains”

“Not As Bad As The Guy Who Traveled To See The Golden Gate Bridge, But This Is My Wife And I At The Highest Point On Skyline Drive, Overlooking The Majestic Shenandoah Valley”

“There Was A Blizzard Last Night So We Decided To Check On Our Car”

“In Iceland – Restaurant Had A Broken Door During A Severe Snow Storm”

“When You Are Flooded, And Don’t Wanna Get Electrocuted, But Hopeful”

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