45 Photos Show That Animals Are Just Like Us

“A Cat Misses His Sister. He Sits Like This Every Day For Half An Hour. Animals Are Similar To Humans”

“Elephant Returns Child’s Shoe That Fell Into Zoo Enclosure”

“A Bit Of An Anthropomorphization In The Description, But Certainly Interesting”

“A Dog In Colombia Tried Purchasing Food With Leaves After Observing Students Buying Food”

“A Male Brown Bear And A Female Grey Wolf Were Documented In 2013 Hunting Together, Walking Together And Sharing Carcass Meals With Each Other During The Evenings”

“An Orangutan Named Harry That Was Reintroduced Into The Wild From An Asian Zoo Is Seen Spear Fishing After Watching Local Fisherman, 1990s”

“Dog Refuses To Leave The Bed And Then Proceeds To Fall Asleep While Look After The Little One”

“Just As A Human Baby Sucks Its Thumb, An African Elephant Calf Often Sucks Its Trunk For Comfort”

“This Video Filmed In A Zoo Shows An Orangutan Monkey Who Appears To Be Teaching Toolmaking To Other Primates. The Way They Are All Attentive Is Scary”

“In South America, Jaguars Seek Out The Roots Of Caapi Plant And Gnaw On Them Until They Start To Hallucinate. Jaguars Love To Get High, And It Is Widespread And Observable In The South American Forests”

“This Lovebird Cuts Colorful Strips Of Paper And Tucks Them Into His Tail Like Decorative Feathers”

“Kitty Doing A Concern And Fever Check”

“Smart Dog Helps His Human Move Tires, And Figures Out How To Carry Four Tires In One Bite”

“Elephant Uses A Learned Gesture To Thank A Human For Letting The Herd Cross Safely”

“Reacting To Magic Trick”

“Cow Turns On The Water When They Are Thirsty Then Turns It Off When They Are Done”

“Proud Loving Mama Gorilla Kisses And Shows Her Baby To Humans”

“Bear Seems To Fully Understand Woman’s Request Of Him To Close The Door”‘

“No! Just Don’t Touch Him, Okay?!”

“The Fingers Of A Gorilla With Vitiligo”

“Truce Between Termites(Top) And Ants(Bottom) With Each Side Having Their Own Line Of Guards”

“Going On A Trip With The Cat”

“Good Boyo Enjoys A Shower After A Day At The Park”

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