45 Photos Show That S##t Happens Sometimes

“I tripped on the street while being angry because the bus didn’t stop and broke my jeans.”

“Was getting ready for bed, walked into my bedroom to this.”

“Found while walking along the beach at low tide.”

“Just arrived at my hometown and someone stole my bikes wheels now i gotta walk 6km with a bikeframe on my back.”

“16 years of ivy growth destroyed in a single night of high winds. The entire brick wall was covered to the top.”

“First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast.”

“I love my husband. I love cheese. Brian, what the fuck?!.”

“A door handle broke off at the gas station…with the car running.”

“My mom only wanted the chocolate part.”

“The wheel fell off my car on my way to work.”

“Just baked this cake and ate one piece, came back and the dog licked the icing off as far as she could reach.”

“What the actual fork?”

“Someone broke into my car to steal $10 worth of candy and toys I bought to give to my 4-year-old students.”

“Came back to my college apartment this morning with my roommates having done this.”

“Ah, yes. The ol’ gum-in-the-hand-hoop!”

“Ordered a tuna roll. This was not what I was expecting.”

“That oil wasn’t fun to clean.”

“One tiny table for an 18-inch pizza.”

“Ordered the ’3 meat skillet’ and this came out.”

“My boss’s secretary quit this morning after delivering this breakfast.”

“Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock.”

“I think someone let their anger out on my car.”

“Rolled up right before the concert started.”

“I just finished drinking my cup of tea… I’m never leaving my tea to drink later on ever again.”

“When you get on the airplane for a long flight and open your AirPods case only to find it empty”

“Someone managed to lose their new box of…lost-item trackers.”

“Testing out our new printer — left the room for 5 minutes and came back to this.”

“Finished sorting my cards! And then I fell…”

“I came home to find all my stuff in garbage bags because the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.”

“I just wanted to put on some makeup in the car.”

“What I asked for vs what I got — I feel cheated.”

“I guess I’m not Microwaving today.”

“This is the road I’m supposed to drive on my final driving test this morning. Fog my life!”

“I let my roommate use my ps5 when I’m not home. This is what I come back to.”

“Airbag randomly deployed two minutes after id parked my car.”

“Recently tried an expensive rental clothing subscription. UPS threw the package of clothes/bags into my backyard. I have two puppies.”

“Being a Clint at Starbucks.”

“I hastily chose the wrong bottle of the fridge and just covered my smoked salmon with caramel instead of dill dressing….”

“I use the gym at 2am you need an access card to get in and out. mine stopped working i have been trapped for 2hrs.”

“Sofa made it from California to London, only to get stuck in the entryway.”

“I drove my phone over.”

“Was pretty excited that my Father’s Day present came early.”

Source: reddpics.com

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