45 Photos That Are So Poignant And Fascinating

“This pool full of crystals in Nettlebed Cave, New Zealand. It’s hundreds of metres below the ground, far beyond where natural light has ever penetrated.”

“Then and Now. The town of Uelzen/Germany, a Bren Gunner taking cover!”

“This is the Yamaki Pine. A bonsai which survived the bombing of Hiroshima and is now 395 years old.”

“I found these stacked in a secret drawer left in my 1885 house.”

“Here is my dumpling in shape of a fish.”

“The Trinity College Library in Dublin.”

“Europe terrain visualization.”

“A mineral named Rhodochrosite, also known as “The Rose of The Inca””

“Someone built the Krusty Krab in Palestine. This is peak architecture.”

“Frozen water + waves of lake Michigan makes something that looks like it straight out of game of thrones or saw.”

“Hand-carved 1920’s mercedes hearse.”

“Turtle House”

“Last wooden street in Pittsburgh, PA. (Roslyn Place)”

“Dew drops on a spider web.”

“Cherenkov Radiation in a nuclear reactor.”

“The bridge between Sweden and Denmark.”

“Cherries under the water.”

“1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham came with a minibar in the glovebox. The glasses were magnetized on the bottom to prevent them from spilling!”

“A photographer captured a plane passing in front of the sun.”

“Naturally formed basalt canyons located in Iceland.”

“Amazing photo taken by ISS flying approximately 400km over thunderstorms.”

“Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii.”

“She looks like she carries the universe.”

“Water droplets refract light coming from an opening in the cliff, creating the rainbow effect.”

“The oldest running hotel in the world is found in Japan. The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has been in business since A.D. 705!!”

“City hall in Philadelphia looks like something out of Bioshock.”

“The Staircase to Knowledge: an initiative from the University of Balamand Libraries, Lebanon.”

“Abandoned WW II era sea forts built to protect the UK.”

“I took a picture of the Heart and Soul Nebulas from my backyard.”

“Unique moss rainforest.”

“”Let the Atom Be a Worker, Not a Soldier” neon propaganda slogan above apartment blocks in Chernobyl.”

“Abandoned City – Hashima Island.”

“A frozen birch tree.”

“In 1959 you could get a coffee maker in your Volkswagen.”

“Palacio Nacional da Pena in Portugal looks like something from a weird dream.”

“Just some guy in an Amethyst Geode.”

“The night watchdog on duty at a Macy’s department store in New York City, 1954.”

“Birds migrating over Rome.”

“A gun hidden within a bible, made for Francesco Morozini, Doge of Venice (1619-1694). The owner of the bible could pull the silk bookmark to shoot while the book was still closed. Now on display at the Museo Correr in Venice.”

“A spiny flower mantis.”

“Water thermal in Tyrol, Austria.”

“The Golden Bridge in Vietnam.”

“This neighborhood in Moscow.”


“In 1871, this 10 year old girl’s grave was built with easy access stairs so that her mother could comfort her during storms.”

“This Rosefinch Bird.”

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