45+ Shocking Discoveries During Building Inspections

A list of over 45 hair-raising discoveries made during building inspections that will leave you speechless.

“Don’t underestimate a failing retaining wall. This wall will fall, and the results will not be pretty and will ultimately end up costing more than replacing it at this stage.”

“Plummer special! The very handy plumber dug out the foundation to place a pipe and, in the process, undermined an entire row of post and piers.”

“If your home is sitting on a slab foundation, these are the types of cracks you do not want to see. Cracks like the ones above are a clear result of structural issues”

“The mortar used to hold the river rock together can degrade over time to the point where the rocks will fall out or could easily be pulled out.”

“If neglected, a distressed river rock foundation not only affects the cosmetic appeal of the home but also puts its residents at great risk.Depending upon the circumstances, a replacement of some or all the unreinforced foundation may be necessary. Usually, homeowners preferred to “sister” the foundation. This preserves the curb appeal of the home. This option is often less costly than a replacement.”

“What a great life lesson… even foundation post and piers come in every size.”

“Almost every landslide can have multiple causes. Slope movement occurs when forces acting down-slope exceed the strength of the earth materials that compose the slope. These pipe and board builds were not strong enough to hold the earth behind them”

“A car rammed into the side of a bar and took out a supporting column. By the look of it, it was already on its way out.”

“No one should be parked too close to this wall”

“Deck or failed retaining wall? Yup, definitely a failed retaining wall.”

“We were called out to assess a failing deck on an ocean-front home, but the ocean had other plans.”

“Interesting brickwork on that chimney you got there. Tell me you love controlled chaos without telling me you love controlled chaos.”

“Here we have a floating post and pier. The room above must be fun for the kids, an in-house bounce house.”

“I’ll take signs you’re having foundation issues for $100.”

“Down the hill the fence goes and with it the homeowner’s backyard.”

“Structural dust. Welp. Sir, your house is being supported by dust.”

“A car plowed into the side of this church. We came out to inspect the structural damage, but the most impressive part was that there were no tire marks on the grass. It is completely pristine. How?Was it a flying car?”

“We always like a spacious crawlspace, but, as you can see, the foundation wall at the entrance has begun to deteriorate. There seems to be something growing from inside the wall.”

“Sometimes concrete slabs crack due to improper installation procedures. They will need to be inspected by a professional to determine the cause.”

“Oh, you think your deck is structurally sound. I dare you to stick a knife in it.”

“In nature, wood rot is the natural decomposition process turning fallen logs into nutritious soil.”

“Next time you’re on a deck you should look over the side of it and assess how structurally sound it truly is. It’s a favorite party trick! People love it…”

“If the structure is in an area accessed by the public, then spalling can be hazardous in terms of falling debris or trip hazards. If left unchecked, then spalling will accelerate and spread so that, eventually, the structure could become unstable.”

“The biggest shim we’ve ever seen.”

“We wouldn’t want to be the home directly below.”

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