45 Things That Have Survived Hell

“Museum shows the effects of human touch on different surface’s”

“My grandpas wedding ring. He never took it off for over 50 years until the day he died.”

“The one and only basketball that lives at the local park and somehow still bounces.”

“This guy dancing at the same place for weeks”

“The wear on my laptop keybord (I’m a full-time author)”

“I’ve made two burgers every week for 7 years. It shows.”

“Brass Hammer. 1 year Vs Brand new.”

“This rug outside a Cafe is so old, you can mistake it for the ground. It’s been there since 1937.”

“Forestry takes a beating on pants. These wore really evenly and both sides broke on the same day.”

“Many games of euchre played on these bar tables: southwest Wisconsin”

“Workbench were I’ve been resting my arm for 12 yrs while using my shop computer”

“Bald customer just got out of his car.”

“My very first thumb drive “Kingston Data Traveller1 1 GB””

“Finally got around to replacing the casters on my 1950s (?) wooden bankers chair.”

“This screwdriver that has been worn down from years of scraping grip tape at a skate shop.”

“Identical bowls from the same boxed set, the right has been in use for 2 decades, left is a spare brought out to replace a broken bowl.”

“My 10+ year old wallet vs a new one of the exact same design”

“The difference between brand new teeth and 800 hours of digging”

“This radiator underneath a hand dryer in a pub in Northern England”

“The scan button in my dads car”

Source: www.reddit.com

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