46 Adorable Coincidences That Prove Soulmates Do Exist

“My Wife’s Grandparents Are Suffering From Dementia, But Their Love Is So Strong That She’s Fixing His Shirt, Blowing Kisses At Him, And Hoping He’ll Be Her Boyfriend”

“Laura And I Met In Preschool. One Of My Very First Memories Is Of Being 3 Years Old And Standing Up In Front Of My Pre-School Class, Declaring That I Would Marry Her Someday”

“This Picture Of My Parents Never Actually Happened, But Two Separate Photos That Fit Perfectly Together”

“Woman Finds Out Blood Donor Who Saved Her Life 11 Years Ago Turned Out To Be Her Husband”

“Married Couple In China Discover They Appeared In Same Photograph As Teenagers”

“A Picture Of Both Of My Grandpas, Who Were Friends Before My Parents Even Met”

“Me In 1998 And My Wife In 2000”

“They Dated In Their Teens, Married Different People, And Got Back Together 65 Years Later. My Grandma And Her Boyfriend”‘

“My Wife And I Got Each Other The Same Gift For Christmas By Accident”

“Flower Girl And Ring Bearer From Wedding Get Married 20 Years Later”

“Apparently My Wife And I Were Always Meant To Be”

“Woman Starts Dating A Man She Married Before The Head Injury That Made Her Forget Everything Since The Age Of 17”

“This Canadian couple got married twice. After nine months of their marriage, a huge pole dropped on the lady’s head, causing her a head injury which further resulted in memory loss. She had no idea who he was and fell in love with him again. Two years later, they got married again.”

“We Met In The Second Grade In 1997. Here We Are 21 Years Later”

“I Got Married Last Month. My Wife And I Thought We Met For The First Time In Our Twenties. A Few Years Later We Found Out Our Mothers Were Best Friends In High School”

“In The Early 60’s, Living In Different Towns In Mississippi, Both Of My Parents Were Visited By A Door-To-Door Photographer With A Pony”

“Tomorrow Is My Parents’ 25th Anniversary And They Are Still As In Love Today As They Were When They Met 45 Years Ago. At Ages 2 And 4 They Were Next-Door Neighbors”

“Unfortunately, my dad’s family moved away to California but their moms (my grandmothers) wrote letters to each other to keep in touch. My dad went on to attend the Naval Academy and would often visit my mom’s family in Connecticut – always hoping my mom would be home from college in Philadelphia. Eventually, she caught on and their flame ignited. He proposed at the Army-Navy football game in 1990. My parents have shown tremendous strength throughout my dad’s entire military career with all the relocating and trips apart, all while raising four kids. They’re thoughtful and kind to one another but never lose their spirit or sense of adventure. They still climb mountains and attend rock concerts together. Their love is the best kind”

“My Cousin Was In His Future Wife’s Family Picture (The Guy On The Left), On A Trip To Rio De Janeiro. 7 Years Before They Met. (1985, Pão De Açúcar, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)”

“Childhood Photos Of Me In The United States, And My Wife In Korea, Wearing The Same Tank Top”

“My Boyfriend And I Were Sitting Next To Each Other At A Family Dinner And Got The Same Fortune”

“The First Moment My Mom And Dad Met 35 Years Ago, When They Collided While Playing Volleyball”

“My Husband And I Have Been In Love Since Kindergarten”

“My Parents Reunited In The US, 1982. They Were Refugees Fleeing Civil War In El Salvador. My Mom Came First Then Two Years Later My Dad Came In Search Of The Love Of His Life”

“A Marriage 3 Decades Late: My Mother Lost In Touch With Her Then Boyfriend 30 Years Ago Due To Long Distance And No Internet. 2 Years Ago, They Reconnected Through Linkedin”

“After numerous facetime calls and flying back and forth, they finally got married.”

“I Heard We’re Having A “How Long Ago Did You Meet Your Wife” Competition. Me And My Wife At 4″

“Proposed To My Girlfriend And Realized There Is A Heart In Our Shadows”

“After Knowing Each Other Since Elementary School, My Wife And I Are Expecting Our First Child After 12 Years Together”

“Happy 4-Year Anniversary To When I Flew To Edinburgh To Surprise Finlay And He Flew To Paris To Surprise Me And This Is Why We Don’t Do Surprises Anymore”

“Little Did I Know, I’d Marry Her Some Day”

“My Wife And I Both About Age 10 Took The Same Vacation Pic. We Didn’t Meet Until We Were 30. This Frame Was Displayed At Our Wedding”

“At Age 4, I Whispered Sweet Nothings Into Her Ear. 24 Years Later, We’re Getting Married”

“Me And My Girlfriend Got Each Other The Exact Same Gift For Christmas”

“My Girlfriend And I Both Took Pictures From The Same Angle At The Same Show… 3 Years Before We Met Each Other”

“My Wife’s Wedding Ring Fits Perfectly Inside Mine”

“15 Years Later, Walking Down The Aisle Again. But This Time, For Our Wedding”

“She’s In UK, He’s In Brazil”

“My Wife And I Have Similar Features”

“My Now Husband And Me Circa 2004, A Year Or Two Before We Would Meet”

“My Husband And I. From Kindergarten Class Picture To Much Improved Attire”

“We Fell In Love, Dated For 3 Years Until The Distance Become Too Difficult. We Tried To Find Happiness With Other Partners, But Last Year, I Visited Him In Madrid, And Our Story Resumed”

“I Sent My Mom This Adorable Picture Of My Wife At Halloween In The 90s. She Sent Back This Picture Of Me! It Was Meant To Be”

“My Boyfriend Was My Neighbor When We Were Babies, And We Only Knew Each Other For Real When We Were About 16 Years Old”

“My Wife And I Took The Same Senior Photo In High School, 2000 Miles Apart, Back In The Late 1980’s”

“We met 30 years after these were taken, and discovered we went to the same university and lived in the same dorm at the same time, and had several mutual friends.”

“My Sister And Brother-In-Law When They Were Kids. Got Married And Just Had Their First Child”

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