46 Awesome Photos That Will Leave You Amazed

“Tattoo machine from Louisiana State Penitentiary, known as “Angola””

“Arugably the best BBQ in Texas: Franklin BBQ”

“Interior and controls of garbage truck”

“Local library has cake pans available to check out”

“Miniature traffic playground in Copenhagen where kids learn to bike in traffic”

“$721 of pure platinum”

“Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird engine”

“Bison paintings in the Cave of Altamira, Spain, which were made over a very long period between 35,000 ~ 15,000 BP”

“Concepts for polymer US dollars”

“The Power of Hurricane Force Winds”

“This is a prison cell in Norway. The Scandinavian prison system focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment of its prisoners.”

“Today i had black ice cream and it was delicious”

“The Liberty Bell is way smaller than you might expect”

“3D Yearbook. Names written and in braille. Georgia Academy for the Blind”

“Purple and orange cauliflower bought from the local farmer’s market.”

“Hospital bill from 1936 for birth of baby (my grandmother)”

“7’6″ (229 cm), 5’5″ (165 cm), 7’2″ (218 cm)”

“My son said, ’Look at the giant tornado!’ I was scared for a moment…”

“My mom has a brownie pan that only makes edges”

“There is a small shell in my sea salt grinder.”

“Leonardo’s The Last Supper is way bigger than I thought it would be.”

“This crosswalk with a higher button for people on horses”

“The true size of an Eagle’s claw”

“Tree of life, Lake Cakora, Australia”

“Oranges in tropical regions have green skin instead of orange”

“Found my original Jurassic Park ticket today”

“Size difference in this 2gb flash drive I’ve had for nearly a decade, and this new 128gb flash drive”

“This is what an empty CVS looks like.”

“My Crocs tan”

“A hole drilled on Mars”

“Homer Simpson is 66 today”

“My library lets you know the cost of the books you rented.”

“We found a wind-egg at work today (a wind-egg is a shell les egg)”

“Zero shadow day”

“You can purchase sewing needles that are already threaded.”

“This Worcestershire Sauce is “English Salsa” at this Latin/Asian Grocery Store”

“This 30 plus year old gigantic toilet paper roll”

“This gavel shaped pencil from the Bar Association.”

“A urinal that flushes by washing your hands”

“Business class plane food from the Netherlands – the salt and pepper shakers are a small pair of clogs”

“Spotted these on a beach on La Gomera last week. Some kids tested, they are not harmful.”

“Eternal Flame Falls in Orchard Park, NY”

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