46 Awesome Real-Life Optical Illusions

“I can’t tell who’s on these socks: Harry Potter or John Lennon.”

“It looks like a mockup or a giant, but it’s just me on the second floor of the college.”

“My wife had feet the last time I checked.”

“I took a photo of the roof from my space station.”

“This photo wasn’t taken during a flood. It’s just a flat roof with a little bit of water on it, which made this reflection possible.”

“My buddy’s cup before our final exam looked quite weird on the table.”

“For a second, I thought this was an arm and a hand.”

“My dog, Kiwi, is fascinated by Stardew Valley.”

“The way I took this picture of a glass table on my deck makes it look like a lake.”

“My apartment in half”

“This is a mirror wall, you can see the black power outlet on the right.”

“Spoiler: turn your screen upside down. If you look in the top left, you can see the sand in the water.”

“Looking down this stairwell is like looking down a hallway.”

“This goose I took a picture of looks like it’s lying in a small forest.”

“The foam noodle seems to be on both sides of the glass.”

“My dog’s ear looks like a smaller version of herself.”

“Dog…caught mid-jump!”

“So that’s how baby cars are made.”

“My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

“Ruby with a bone in her mouth makes it look like she heard some jaw-dropping news.”

“The man in the back of this picture looks like his hand is on the girl’s shoulder.”

“My sister standing right behind my cat when I took the picture makes it looks like it has a beautiful haircut.”

“I opened up a secret door behind a book case and it led me to this.”

“A mirror was taken to the curb on trash day.”

Source: brightside.me

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