46 Real Thrift Shop Jackpots

“Needed An Emergency Dress For An Event Yesterday And Found One For £6.99 (9 USD) At My Favourite Charity Shop”

“I’ve Had My Sassy Green Teapot For Years, Just Found His Baby At Goodwill Yesterday”

“I Was Told This Was A Green Amethyst, And Haggled To $42. Took It To A Jeweler To Have It Appraised—it’s A Rare Green Diamond, 4.4 Ctw, Over 100 Years Old, Conservatively Worth More Than $8k”

“My Friend Guided Me To A Charity Shop That Had A Donation Of Brand New Wedding Dresses From A Boutique; This Had £1595 On The Tag. I Got It For £25 And It Fits Like A Glove”

“My Greatest Fb Marketplace Purchase To Date. $300. Do I Have Enough Friends To Fill It? No. Do My Dogs Treat It Like A Racing Track, Absolutely”

“$30 For The Dresser, $15 For Paint And $25 For Legs And Handles”

“Drove Home In A Snowstorm With This Hanging Out Of My Trunk But It Was Ten Dollars”

“Went To Goodwill To Pick Up Something, And Saw A Painting That Looked Just Like One My Grandmother Would Have Painted. It Was Her Painting!! To My Knowledge, They Were Sold About 25 Years Ago”

“75 Cents For This Basket. Cat Was Found For Free At The Dump 5 Years Ago”

“I Thought I Was Hallucinating, All For Under $25”

“Brooks Brothers Suit, $10, Community Aid. Tie, $2, Salvation Army. Waited Til Some Nice Weather To Wear It”

“Picked Up This Witchy 1940s Era Coat Today For $20”

“30 Years Ago My Late Great Grandfather Shut Down His Men’s Clothing Store. Today I Bought A Suit Tailored By Him Nearly 400 Miles Away In A Goodwill”

“I’m An Opera Singer. Guess Who Found This $1000 Chiara Boni Gown For $15 At Salvation Army”

“$2. The Lady Had Absolutely No Idea Who These People Are”

“Thrifted Everything Here. Took Us A Few Years But It Was Oh So Worth It”

“Got An Old Antique Hardware Store Cabinet From Offerup For $100 – It Has 72 Drawers & Spins”

“The Best $1.99 I Will Ever Spend In My Lifetime”

“Went To A Vintage Shop For The First Time Last Week. Found This 1960s Dress For Nye And Couldn’t Leave It Behind”

“Found The Perfect Mug Today At My Local Savers! Only 89¢”

Got This Amazingly Detailed Rug (Or Tapestry?) For $30 Recently. A Little Pricy And Maybe Not Everyone’s Taste, But I “Love It. After A Thorough Cleaning, It’s Classing Up My Closet Floor”

“Thrifted This Pink Velvet Bench Never Used For $175 And I Am Over The Moon”

“Navajo Rug I Found At Goodwill. I Got It For A $1.49. Other Rugs By Same Weaver Are Valued At A Minimum Of $2,500”

“A Friend’s Student Housing. Everything Is Thrifted/Acuired From Family. Every Piece Of Furniture Was Under 20€”

“Full Length 100% Wool Ralph Lauren Coat For $12”

“Here’s My Mums Entirely Thrifted (And A Little Modified) Mary Poppins For World Book Day – She’s A Primary School Teacher And Likes To Get Involved”

“I Found This Dress For An Upcoming Wedding. The Tags Were Still On And It Has Pockets”

“The Thrift Gods Were Once Again Gracious To Me, I Got That Suit Jacket Several Months Ago And Just Yesterday Found The Matching Pants At Goodwill”

“My Wife And I Bought Our First Home, A 70s Mod House, And I Can Finally Put My Collection Of Almost Entirely Thrifted 70s Space Age Furniture In It. Here Is The Upstairs Living Room, Plenty More Rooms To Work On Now”

“Probably My Favorite Purchase Ever! $3 Vintage Wedding Dress”

“I Found This Gorgeous Green Dress At My Local Arc For $15 And Knew I Couldn’t Leave The Store Without It”

“Calvin Klein Slim Fit Suit And John Valvatos Shoes For $16.00”

“1960s Zenith TV. We Took Out The Tube. Books, Bimorphic Dish, And Glazed California Pottery Plant Pot Were Thrifted Too”

“I Got A Banana Dog”

“Newlyweds First Thrift Trip Since Quarantine Started. Scored An Almost Complete Dansk Mesa Sky Blue Set For $300”

“This 70s Coat For $10”

“This Honestly Shook Me To My Core. Never Worn, Just My Size Docs For $10”

Just Found The Missing Piece To My 1978 Creators Hanging Rain Lamp, At The Same Thrift Store, A Month And A Half “After I Found The Lamp Itself. Here Is It, Complete With The Swinging Couple And Original Foliage”

“Went With My Friend To The Thrift Store And He Found 3 Version Of His Favorite Shirt In Different Colors”

“The Find Of A Lifetime! I Got All Three Pieces For $235”

“Ok Not A Thrift Shop, But Found By The Side Of The Road For Council Cleanup, Minor Fix Required To The Arms”

“Under $20 For The Full Suit”

“Found Some New Pictures For My Bathroom. $1 Each”

“My Thrifted Rainbow Record Wall”

“Since My Thrifted Coat Went Over So Well, I Thought I’d Share One Of My Favorite Thrifted Corners Of My Home”

“Mugs In Soft Muted Colours For $0.25 A Piece”

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