47 Creative Product Designs That Too Good To Be True

“This Notebook Has Hexagonal Paper For Taking Notes In Organic Chemistry Class”

“Cracked Log Lamp”

“An Air Less Tire”

“L’orange Perfume Bottle Set. Parfums De Marcy, 1925”

“To The User With The Dancing Cat, I Raise To You My Own Dancing Cat!”

“A Highlighter Which Doesn’t Block Your Vision”

“It’s A Mug That Stops Coffee From Running All Of The Way Down”

“These Measuring Cups Are Designed To Visually Represent Fractions For Intuitive Use!”

“This Corner Light Makes It Looks Like Your Wall Is Peeling Away And Revealing Something Behind It”

“Suitcase That Displays Its Own Weight”

“A Built-In Watering Hole For Your Pets”

“The Omoshiro Block: A Memo Pad That Reveals Objects As It Gets Used”

“Norwegian Shoe Drying Machine. For Those Who Live In Wet Or Snowy Environments, Must Be A Trouble Saver”

“This Ceramic Coffee Mug That Looks Like It’s Made Of Cardboard”

“Pretty Sure All Horror Novels Should Come With Covers Like This”

“This Jar Is Shaped To Look Like A Ziplock Bag”

“Inverse Of An Hourglass”

“Color Changing Mat Which Turns Red When Wet”

Credits:  www.reddit.com

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