47 Gifts That Are Pretty Funny

“For Christmas This Year, My 97-Year-Old Grammy Gave Us A Calendar With Photoshopped Pictures Of Herself For Each Month”

“My Grandma Said She Only Got Me Pizza For Christmas”

“For Christmas, My Mom Got My Dog And I Matching Pajamas”

“My Niece Told Me This Was Her Favorite Christmas Present”

“One Of My Best Friends Just Gave Me This Blanket For Christmas. I Had To Take A Picture With The Featured Star”

“Last Year I Forgot To Get Batteries For My Niece’s Toy So This Year She Got Me This”

“I Made These Ornaments For All The Members Of My Family For Christmas. Merry Plaguemas”

“My Wife Is Way Too Amused At My Sister’s Gift To Me”

“I Turned A Picture Of My Labrador Pooping Into A Puzzle, Gave It To My Dad For Christmas As A White Elephant Gift”

“He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about.”

“Shirtception – My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 8”

“My Brother Collects “Action Figures”, I’m Going To Surprise Him For Christmas With This Work Of Art”

“My Wife Accidentally Called Wrapping Paper “Rapper Paper” In The Car The Other Day. I Understood The Assignment”

“Christmas Card For My Girlfriend, She Wasn’t Impressed”

“I Asked My Husband To Take On Some Christmas Cards This Year. My Sister Just Sent Me This Picture Of What He Wrote”

“My Future Mother-In-Law Made Me This Shirt For Christmas. I Love It. Even Has A Pocket”

“Apparently, I Said I Wanted An Ugly Christmas Sweater And I Completely Forgot That I Said It. But My Sister Remembered, And She Got Me One, And I Have To Smile”

“Christmas Present From The Brother-In-Law Who Is A Fabricator. There Is No Trick, It Doesn’t Come Out”

“My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas”

“I’m 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said “What? It’s not like anyone else is going to see your sheets” and now I don’t know if that was ignorance, an insult or innocence…”

“My Parents Got My Cardboard Cutout Tonight, For My First Christmas Away From Home”

“I Was Gifted 5 Pounds Of Unshelled Pistachios For Christmas”

“We Exchanged Mugs For Christmas And Got Our Friend One With A Meme She Made Of Her Husband”

“I Recently Told My GF About My Love For ’80s Glam Shots. I Wasn’t Prepared For Her Christmas Gift”

“Friend Of Mine Is A Welder, Here’s His Present For His Boss”

“My Husband Posing With The Pillow I Had Made For Him Of Our Cat For Christmas”

“We Celebrated Xmas Late. This Was My Gift From My Brother. He Really Does Get Me”

“One Of My Husband’s Gifts Wasn’t Going To Ship On Time So I Improvised On The Delivery”

“My Daughter Gave My Son A Signed Picture Of Herself For Christmas”

“This Has Appeared Under The Christmas Tree”

“Some Of You Out There May Recall That In 2016 I Played An Excellent Christmas Prank On My Long-Suffering Dad. It Worked A Treat'”

“Years Ago, My Sister And Mom Started An “Ugly Ornament” Exchange Each Xmas”

“I Made My Own Christmas Cards This Year. Thought I’d Get To The Point”

“I Once Implied That I Like Subway. Everyone I Know Got Me One Of These For Xmas. I Now Have $250 Worth”

“Gift Of “Cold Hard Cash””

“I Bought This From Goodwill For $1 And Definitely Saving It To Gift My Brother On X-Mas”

“I Made These For My Man The First Year We Were Together For Christmas”

“As A New(Ish) Homeowner, I Asked My Parents For Some Yard Equipment For Christmas. They Had Me Guessing About This One All The Way Until The End”

“My Wife Asked For Christmas Presents Under 2 Euro”

“My Brother-In-Law And I Each Got Each Other Adidas Tracksuits For Christmas”

“Started Wrapping Christmas Presents Early This Year. Thought You All Would Enjoy”

“Best Christmas Gift Ever”

“I Had An Iasip Blanket Made For My Husband For Christmas It Was Delivered Today And I Am Obsessed With How It Came Out”

“Husband Asked For A Mousepad For Christmas. So Got Him One With My Face Put In Images, Think It Turned Out Nice”

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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