47 Old Photos Of The World

“Camberley Kate, And Her Stray Dogs In England. She Never Turned A Stray Dog Away, Taking Care Of More Than 600 Dogs In Her Lifetime (1962)”

“This Mirror Portrait Was Taken 100 Years Ago In Japan”

“An Officer Halts Traffic To Make Way For A Cat Carrying A Kitten Across The Street, 1925”

“Settler Family On The American Prairie In The 1880s”

“Two Armenian Women Pose With Their Rifles Before Going To Battle Against The Ottomans, 1895”

“Rare Photo Of A Remote Control From The 70’s”

“Soldier Coming Home To His Daughter After WWII, 1945”

“Happy French Girl And Her Cat, 1959”

“The Top Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt”

“Two Gentleman From The Early 1900s”

“A Man Getting To Hear Music On A Record Player, 1922”

“Same Scene, Same Motorcycle, Same Woman, 72 Years Old After”

“These Progressive High School Girls Learn The Finer Points Of Auto Mechanics In 1927”

“Train Travel In The 1890s”

“A Little French Girl Gives An American Soldier A Kiss On Valentine’s Day, 1945”

“Woman And Her Dog In Her One Room House, Texas, 1938”

“Helen, An American Indian Telephone And Switchboard Operator, Montana, 1925”

“Four Generations, Circa 1905”

“A Housewife Taking Frozen Long Johns Off The Washing Line, 1940s”

“Men In Harlem Gather In Front Of A Shop To Listen To The Radio, 1940”

“Do Your Bit! Skate To Work. Save Gas, NYC, 1940s”

“Drying The Pasta, Italy, 1929”

““Mother And Son” Ireland, 1890”

“Testing Out The Latest Flight Helmet In A Highly Scientific Way, 1912”

“Easter Bunny Bringing Joy To Children, 1955”

“This Farmhouse Once Stood In Manhattan Where 84th Street And Broadway Now Cross (1879)”

“Charlie Chaplin Meeting Deaf-Blind American Author Helen Keller, 1919”

“Samurai Warriors Taken Between 1860 And 1880”

“Grandma Patching The Only Pants Of Her Grandson, 1907”

“Three Old School Archers In Japan, 1860s”

“In 1839, Robert Cornelius Took The World’s First Selfie”

“Berlin Zoo Handler Gives Roland, A 4,000 Pound Elephant Seal, A Snow Bath, 1930s”

“Bavarian Boy Enjoying His Camera, 1910”

“A Soldier Coming Home From War, 1940s”

“So Young & So Happy, 1920s”

“Two Ladies And A Local Man Watching The Sunset, 1925”

“An Angry Kangaroo Is Seen Knocking Out A Woman For Trying To Photograph Him, 1960’s”

“The Last Known Photo Of The Titanic Afloat. April 12, 1912”

“Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Share A Laugh While Watching A Rope Acrobat, 1963”

“Robert Wadlow, The Tallest Man In History (8 Ft 11 In)”

“Davide Chislagi Testing His Single-Wheel Engine, 1933”

“Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow In Arkansas, 1933”

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