47 People Who Almost Nailed It

“My Friends And I Held Our First Monthly #nailedit Competition. We All Tried To Replicate The Middle Cake!”

“For My Sons Fourth Birthday I Carved A Watermelon Dinosaur Head! It Didn’t Come Out That Bad (Mine Is On The Bottom)”

“Nailed It! On The Second Try”

“When Your Husband Insists On Attempting A Portrait Of You”

“How To Upcycle A Meat Grinder”

“My Wife Started Painting Ornaments For Christmas, And Only Realized After She Finished This Bird That She Did It Upside Down”

“I Didn’t Follow The Pattern”

“This Figurine Of Hermione Granger At Universal Studios”

“I Tried To Do This Thing I Saw On Instagram Where You Dehydrate Strawberries In The Oven And They ‘Taste Like Twizzlers” … Nailed It”

“Thought My Play Dough Skills Were Better Than I Anticipated…”

“I Made An Interesting Ring From An Old National Geographic Article”

Source: old.reddit.com

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