47 Photos Show That Spain Is Such An Amazing Place

“Shade On A Street In Jerez, Spain”

“Fighting The Heat: Spanish Artists Decorate The Shopping District In Malaga With A Colorful Crocheted Canopy”

“This Forest With Trees Covered In Green Moss Right After All Of The Colorful Leaves Fell To The Ground In Basque Country (An Autonomous Region In Northeastern Spain)”

“In Spanish-Speaking Countries, The Tooth Fairy Is A Mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This Is My Dentist’s Office”

“Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) In Ronda, Spain Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth”

“Waterfall Clouds In Spain”

“Cordoba Patio Festival In Spain. Each Year In May, Residents Open Up Their Patios For The Public To View Their Unique Displays”

“Setenil De Las Bodegas, A Town In Southern Spain, Known For Its Whitewashed Houses Built Into The Surrounding Cliffs”

“This Church Has Been Under Construction Since 1882 – The Basílica De La Sagrada Família In Barcelona, Spain”

“Statue Of Neptune In Gran Canaria, Spain. Possibly, The Coolest Statue In The World”

“Water Boat Fountain (Fuente Del Barco De Agua), Located At Playa De La Malvarrosa In Valencia, Spain”

“Exploring The Hidden Beauty Of Andalucia, Spain”

“In Spain There’s A Winery That Has A Fountain With Free Wine”

“El Marco, The Tiny Bridge Between Spain And Portugal, Is The Smallest International Bridge In The World. It Has A Length Of 3.2 Meters”

“The Ticket To A Chocolate Museum In Barcelona Is A Chocolate”

“Vertical Garden In Madrid, Spain”

“Built In The Year 112 By The Romans Without Any Kind Of Mortar Or Cement, This Is The 15 Km Long Still Working Aqueduct Of Segovia, Spain”

“This Cathedral In Murcia, Spain Has A 3D Model For Blind People To Touch And Feel What The Cathedral Looks Like”

“Selenite Cave Found In Spain”

“The Local Municipality In Cartagena, Spain Built A House For The CatsThe Local Municipality In Cartagena, Spain Built A House For The Cats”

“A 100-Year-Old Church In Spain Converted Into A Skatepark”

“Melting Ice In The Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain”

“There Is A Restaurant In Spain Called El Diablo That Grills Its Food Over An Active Volcano”

“Underwater Museum In Lanzarote Playa Blanca, Spain”

“This Is A Book Vending Machine. Found In Madrid, Spain. I’ve Never Seen One Before”

“Trams In Seville (Spain) Have Fast Charging Batteries, Therefore Not Needing Catenaries Along The Track. The Trams Charge For About 15 Seconds Every Stop”

“Castillo De Coca (Castle Of Coca) – Central Spain”

“The Size Of This Flag Flown On A Spanish Ship At The Battle Of Trafalgar (1805) Compared To The Size Of People Around It”

“The Los Ficus Building Is Built Under A Road In Tenerife, Spain. 60 Homes That Were Built In The ’60s Supporting A Road That Goes Down To The Coastline”

“The Before And After In La Palma, Spain Where The “Cumbre Vieja” Volcano Erupted For 80+ Days In 2021″

“Giant Hives Hanging From The Ceiling Enclosed In A Glass Case With Outdoor Access At “Home Of Bees” In Poyales Del Hoyo, Spain”

“Barcelona Has Many Amazing Views But I Suggest This One From The Rooftop Bar Across From The Cathedral”

“These Bins In Barcelona Have A Free Throw Line And A 3-Point Arc”

“This Village Is Built On A Basaltic Cliff More Than 50 Meters High And Spreads About 1 Kilometer Long (Castellfollit De La Roca, Spain)”

“It was formed by the erosive action of the Fluvià and Toronell rivers on the remains of lava flows from volcanic eruptions that took place over one hundred thousand years ago.”

“Temple Of The Sacred Heart, Barcelona, Spain”

“Barcelona Divided By Day And Night”

“Street In Alicante, Spain”

“Beautiful Aragonite “Flowers” From A Cave In Mallorca Island, Spain”

“With The Huge Snowstorm In Madrid I Made A Moai Instead Of A Snowman (First Time Playing With Snow)”

“Blossoms In Barcelona”

“Plaza De España – Seville, Spain (Summer 2019)”

“Found An Astronaut Carved Into The Entrance Of This 900-Year-Old Church In Salamanca, Spain”

“This Is Madrid, Spain With Clean Air, A Rare Sight We Don’t Get To See Often”

“Today I Saw This Girl Casually Painting In The El Prado Museum In Madrid”

“Castellers, Human Tower, Of Cataluña, Spain”

“We’re At Popcorn Beach In Fuerteventura. Real Name Rhodoliths”

“A Thick Layer Of “Calima”, Or Saharan Dust, Covering Large Parts Of Spain”

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