47 So Touching And Fascinating Photos

“Creation of Adam scratched to precision on car.”

“Here’s a photo of me, my mum, grandma, great grandma & great great grandma. The women in my family just don’t die.”

“Doodles in 1878 by my great great grandfather, an eight-year-old at the time.”

“The way these stairs were carved (Lednice castle in Czech Republic)”

“Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer Hiroo Onoda survived in the Philippine islands for nearly 3 decades believing WWII was still underway. Refusing to come out of hiding, his superior officer came to tell him in person the war was done in 1974. He surrendered with dignity and died in 2014.”

“Nintendo’s first headquarters in Kyoto, Japan in 1889.”

“Water giving life.”

“In 1959, a coffee maker was an optional extra in Volkswagen cars.”

“Las Vegas in 1947.”

“The difference between a needle and a bee’s sting.”

“Snow on the cabbage field.”

“The level of detail on the Column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome which was completed around AD 193”

“A single atom made visible to the naked eye.”

“The Sentinels, slightly creepy bronze sculptures by Philip Jackson.”

“Moldavite, a truly out of this world gem! A form of natural glass caused by a meteor impact in the Czech republic over 15 million years ago!”

“Saturn’s hexagon-shaped north pole storm.”

“This Mandarin Ducks crazy plumage. Also that this bird is currently in SW Ohio when the bird is native to Eurasia.”

“This, at least 2000 years old olive tree, is called “The Thinking Tree” by the locals. It is located in Puglia, in the South of Italy.”

“1986 Buick Riviera with touchscreen.”

“This drawing was made approximately 700 years ago by a 7-year-old boy named Onfim who lived in Novgorod (present-day Russia).”

“111 year old miniature set of all of Shakespeare’s plays.”

“Mount Saint Helens volcano – before and after eruption.”

“A Pokemon themed light box I made from 10 layers of paper.”

“I pointed my telescope at the Orion Nebula for 3 hours and got this.”

“New Yorkers stop to watch the “Seinfeld” finale, Times Square, 1998.”

“Underwater waterfall (Mauritius island)”

“Anatomy of cat’s paw as demonstrated by a hairless Sphynx cat.”

“Lockheed Martin AC 130 AKA Angel Of Death.”

“The first ever documented case of biofluorescence in Tasmanian devils was captured tonight at the Toledo Zoo.”

“Rare albino penguin.”

“Sunset on Mars.”

“Tiny fossils I’ve collected to use in making science-themed jewelry. These are from the Devonian, 400 million years ago, across time, and now, sitting here in the palm of my hand.”

“The city of Venice from above.”

“Scottish Town Arnprior painted wiggly lines on a straight road to confuse and slow down fast drivers.”

“Mosaics of a Roman villa were found under a vineyard in Negrar, Italy.”

“In 1940, Witold Pilecki (a member of the Polish Resistance) volunteered to be captured by Nazis so he could collect intelligence on the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.”

“The Goonies Cast is reunited to read the *entire movie script* for charity.”

“This metal horse sculpture”

“Russian photographer Olga Barantseva used a real brown bear for a photo shoot in a campaign to combat indiscriminate fishing (brown bears feed mainly on fish) and to demonstrate natural harmony between humans and bears.”

“The Beatles and their sons.”

“This artist adds fake shadows to confuse people.”

“The evolution of a tornado”

“A 12 million year old praying mantis encased in amber.”

“Hegra, ancient city in Saudi Arabia.”

“Among giants.”

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