48 Hilarious Photos Of ‘Broken’ Cats

“She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub”

“Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Yours Normal?”

“Caught The Cat Hunting Lady Bugs This Morning”

“Got The Lockdown Covid Crazies”

“She’ll Hold This Pose Until You Pet Her…”

“He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out”

“I Think He Wants To Come Inside”

“He’s Not Allowed In The Bathroom Because He Will Try His Best To Get Into The Toilet. This Is His Act Of Protest”

“Just Watchin’ TV”

“Look At My Toe Beans”

“Goose Has The Ability To Scare The Cr#p Out Of Us. Should’ve Called Him Johnny”

“What Did I Do To Merit This”

“Every Time I Shower”

“We’ve Adopted An Idiot. A Dramatic Idiot”

“Oh Sorry….was I Interrupting…..something?”

“Every Time You Pick Him Up He Needs To Stretch Out”

“He Does This A Lot…”

“The Deadly Combination Of One Cat That Likes Hidey Holes And Another Cat That Sits On Boxes”

“Mistakes Were Made”

“I Just Can’t With Noodle’s Face”

“I’m Doing Homework, And Then…”

“My Cat Stares At Me Through Reflections (Not Just Mirrors.. Anything With A Reflection, Like My TV When It’s Off). Freaks Me Out…”

“My Sisters Cat Is Obsessed With Whatever She’s Doing, All The Time!”

“I Prefer Napkin”

“Sometimes Winston Invents Brand New Shapes”

“He Just Fell Asleep Like This”

“Reggie Loves Rugs”

“He Sleeps Like A Thanksgiving Turkey”

“It’s What You Get For Being Greedy”

“My Friend’s Cat Is… Special”

“He’s Been Sitting Like This For 15 Minutes. It’s Starting To Scare Me”

“Her Kitty Operating System Crashed”

“The Late Afternoon Sun Casts Shadows From Our Window Blinds. He’s Like This Every Day”

“Why Are Cats Always Weirdos When We’re In The Bathroom”

“Hello Ladies, Welcome To The Penthouse”

“Our Cat Thinks She’s A Penguin”

“Mr. Toonses, Sitting Around The House, Judging Everyone”

“His New Toy Sparked An Existential Crisis”

“When the cat pspspspsps’s you”

“He’s Sitting But He Does Not Fit”

“Henrik Chomped My Cactus The Other Day. I Was Taking A Picture With Him And The Puncture Marks He Left When He Went In For A Second Chomp. He’s A Very Special Boy”

“Got Mcdonald’s And My Cat Decided To Stick His Head In The Empty Nugget Container”

“My Cat Likes To Sit And Clean Her Toes By Chewing On Them”

“My Very Photogenic Kitten, Link”

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