48 Photos Prove That All We Need Is Love

“My 64-year-old mother-in-law’s first time in the ocean”

“Indian actor Sonu Sood gets a new friend due to Mumbai rains.”

“This guy lets stray dogs sleep in his store so they can cool down in hot weather.”

“This little girl came to an old man’s rescue when his Yeti rolled under the shelf.”

“Some good bro left a bed and a blanket for a freezing pup.”

“This senior was struggling with his oxygen tank. The guy on the right took his time to ensure the tank was working properly.”

“And then kept him company until he reached his stop.”

“This hedgehog came out to see us. Due to the very hot weather in Belgium, we thought it was thirsty and it was. Cat also approves!”

“Out last weekend spreading a little kindness and promoting human connection through eye contact.”

“Found at my local Lowe’s.”

“My local grade school installed a provisions box for those in need.”

“Kids break bunny and offer money.”

“Need a plant? Take a plant. Have a plant? ‘Leaf’ a plant.”

“Every other weekend, since 2007, my family acts as a host family for my mentally disabled nephew.”

“Our son is 6 years younger, but acts as if he were his cousin’s big brother.”

“After my ex broke up with me over the phone, my sister, family, and her friends made me a gift basket to cheer me up.”

“A guy is pushing his dog in a shopping cart — the pavement was really hot today.”

“A fountain that also provides water for animals.”

“This restaurant not only welcomes dogs, it offers dog portions for cheap.”

“We were never born to hate.”

’’My nephew fell asleep holding a puppy.’’

“My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn’t know who or where she is.”

“This is my little brother, George. *Oink! Oink!*”

“Having a baby brother is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.”

“Barely 7 a.m. and I wake up to this HANGRY guy screaming on my porch! Guess I have a cat now.”

’’My brother is special needs and 17. This year, he drew his first picture. My mother did something pretty special with it.’’

“My son dressed as Woody…with Woody!”

“When my daughter’s rat is nervous, he holds her hand for comfort.”

“Hugging while sleeping”

“I went to the zoo today and saw a beautiful baby leopard with ice blue eyes.”

“The cutest neighbors I could ever dream about”

“Cadence gave us a cheeky grin today.”

“I booped a deer.”

“Our dog park engagement photos did not disappoint.”

“The dentist thought my assistance dog might also want to wear the safety glasses.”

“I think one of my nieces takes playing tag a little too seriously.”

“My son didn’t want to be a superhero. He wanted to be a desk fan.”

“Phoebe would love a bite of the lemon cheesecake.”

“My nephew and his yellow lab”

“My mom got to visit Snow White — her favorite princess since she was a little girl. This was her first trip to Disney ever.”

“Caught him by surprise with his first girlfriend.”

“Saw this adorable cuddle-nap at the fair today.”

“My father and I attempting a birthday gift for my mother”

“How my girlfriend sleeps”

“She fell over with that face the moment I started rubbing her belly.”

“My grandpa got some new glasses and can’t stop smiling and looking at himself in the mirror.”

“Not so big now, are you mom?!”

“My dad’s first look at my baby sister in her wedding dress. He is normally a tough guy. This hit us all in the feelings.”

Source: brightside.me

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