48 Photos Show That Life Is Still Beautiful

“I’m working 60 hours a week, so my 8-year-old drew me a picture to hang on my locker. Somehow, everything seems fine now.”

“I have mental health issues. My boyfriend surprised me with this today so that I can let him know how I’m feeling without words.”

“This man waits for his wife to get out of class every day just so he can hold the door open for her.”

“My girlfriend took this pic of me working in a hotel. I’ve never had a girlfriend who makes me feel handsome, even when I’m working.”

“My 7-year-old daughter just handed me this folded piece of paper.”

“A dog’s love is truly unconditional.”

“3 years and counting, she’s still got my back.”

“It’s been an extremely stressful week. Today, my husband packed my lunch and included a sweet surprise.”

“My 71-year-old dad has Alzheimer’s. Today, these hand-painted Christmas cards turned up in the mail for his grandsons.”

“Came home from work today to find my 12-year-old stepson had spent hours making this…”

“This is my non-verbal autistic daughter holding my hand for the first time in her life. I am over the moon.”

“Not to brag, but my girls made me one heck of a tie for Father’s Day.”

“My grandpa wearing a shirt of him and my grandma from 1969”

“Today my wife surprised me with this guitar pick.”

“I found gardening really helped with my anxiety. For our anniversary, my husband gifted me a potting shed.”

“My sister got to meet her all-time favorite musician, James Taylor.”

“I missed my connecting flight and was crying when these 2 complete strangers came up to me and helped me cheer up.”

“One of my customers always leaves this out and somehow the bottles are always cold. Now that’s dedication!!”

“This group of strangers helping me get into my locked car after I left the keys in it while it was still running”

“My parents adopted me from S. Korea and I had the pleasure of adopting this girl from S. Korea. Meet Natto!”

“Municipality providing warm sleeping bags for the homeless, who then tidy them up and put them back for others to use as well.”

“2 of our cats died of cancer recently. And we just adopted this cute boy as a friend for our lonely cat.”

“I got my mom’s illiterate English tattooed on my arm tonight. I love it so much. I love her so much.”

“I took care of my colleague’s snail while she was gone and it unexpectedly had babies. I threw a baby shower for her.”

“My co-worker’s wife spent 10 hours making this for me after my cat passed away.”

“I was 7, in bed, and realized I would die one day. I cried and my dad made this in response.”

“My grandma hand draws all her wrapping paper.”

“Smiles on my son’s & his donor’s faces tell me there’s so much to be grateful for.”

“I randomly met this 80-year-old woman online last summer. We played 300+ Word Games together and became good friends.”

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