48 Photos Show That The lives Of Delivery Drivers Are Quite Interesting

“I’m A Driver For Advance Auto And Every Time I Come To This Stop I See This Little Cutie”

“I Havent Been Able To Work For 5 Days Due To Personal Problems But I Was Able To Get Out And Do 1 Delivery And It Ended Up Being This One. This Person Helped Me So Much”

“They Had This At The Door Plus Gave Me A Cash Tip! Shoutout To The Homie Customers”

“If Only All Houses Were Like This Haha”

“It Was Dark Out, Handed Me This As A Tip And I Tried To “Act Cool” Because I Legit Thought I Had Just Been Tipped Drugs”

“I’m Extremely Sick And Ordered Some Medicine And Drinks From 7-11, Put In The Delivery Instructions To Knock And Leave At The Door As I Don’t Want To Pass It On. She Left This Little Note In The Bag. It’s The Little Things That Count”

“A Good Boy Greeted Me During My Delivery Today”

“One Of These Is A Doorway And One Is A Full Length Mirror… Guess Which One I Walked Into”

“Just This. Nothing Else. Lol Loved This Order”

“You Sweet Dear Soul.. I Want To Sincerely Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart”

“When You Get The First Hint That This Apartment Is Not Going To Be Easy To Find”

“Busy Sushi Restaurant Was Awesome And Gave Me A Free Roll For Patiently Waiting!!”

“Had A Friendly Observer Through The Glass Making Sure Everything Goes Smoothly”

“To The Nurse At Hollywood Presbyterian.. I Was Having A Terrible Day. Not Only Was She Very Kind When I Dropped Off Her Food, She Complimented My Leggings And Made Me Feel Good! I Just Got An App Notification She Tipped $100. God Bless You Kind Soul. I Really Appreciate It”

“Delivery Guy On Crutches. Gig Economy In Action”

“A Special Shout-Out To The Kind Lady Who Ordered 80$ Worth Of Mexican Food Only To Not Pick It Up. After Several Calls And Texts,and The 5 Minute Timer,i Now Have Enough Burritos To Feed Myself For The Next Week”

“My First Day As Delivery Guy At Dominos”

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