49 Examples Prove That Animals Know Everything About Friendship

“A Pelican Befriended A Stray Dog Who Was Often Spotted Hanging Out All Alone Along The Boat Docks. The Man Who Photographed This Has Adopted Him But Brings Him Back Every Day To See His Friend, Petey The Pelican”

“Bubbles The African Elephant And Bella The Black Labrador”

“Friendship Goals”

“Cheetah And Doggo Stayed Best Friends From The Start!”

“Family Isn’t Always Blood”

“Friendship Goals”

“Little And Large”

“Best Buddies”

“These Best Friends. Even The Look In His Eyes Is Adorable”

“Give Us Back Our Friend”

“Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly”

“Comforting A Friend”

“Today, At Doggy Daycare, My Dog Made A New Best Friend!”

“Meet Herman, The Flightless Pigeon And His Best Friend Lundy, The Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk”

“Baby Elephant And Ostrich’s Friendship”


“Anjana The Chimpanzee And Tiger Cubs”

“The Start Of An Awwesome Friendship!”

“Unexpected Friendships Are The Best Ones”

“My Friend’s Cat And Rat Are Best Buddies”

“Goat And Sheep Friends”

“Friendship Between A Horse And Husky”

“My Girlfriends Horse Got A New Friend”

“Rescue Fox And A Bulldog Become Inseparable And Form A Real-Life “The Fox And The Hound” Friendship”

“Friendship Is A Very Beautiful Thing”

“Ingo The Dog And His Owl Friend”

“My Aunts Goat Thinks It’s A Dog. It Wont Associate With The Other Goats And Only Hangs Out With The Dogs”

“A Rare Friendship Developed Between A Gray Wolf And Brown Bear”

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me”

“Best Friends”

“Now This Was An Unexpected Friendship”

“Meet Mickey And John, They’re Best Friends”

“Cat And Fox Are Best Friends”

“Dog And Raccoon Friendship”

“Unusual Friendship”

“Tinni The Dog And Sniffer The Wild Fox”

“I Went To The Shelter To Adopt A Dog, And I Found Those Two In This Posture, I Couldn’t Separate Them So I End Up Adopting Both Of Them”

“Making New Friends”

“Golden Retriever And An Abandoned Kitty”

“Dog And Crow Are Best Friends”

“Mani The Wild Boar Piglet And Candy The Dog”

“Welcome To This Beautiful, Unlikely Friendship.”

“We Adopted A New Cat Not Knowing They’d Become Inseparable”

“Doggo & Cow Friendship”

“Dog And Newly Rescued Calf Who Are Best Friends At The Gentle Barn”

“Torque The Dog And Shrek The Owl”

“These Horses Always Come For A Kiss Whenever We Walk Past”

“He Made A New Friend At Doggy Day Care”

“Duck And A Dog”

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