49 Horrible Travel Photographs

“Tried To Take A Panoramic Picture Of The Eiffel Tower Today, It Went Surprisingly Well”

“Thanks Tour Guide For Taking Such A Great Photo Of Everyone”

“Going To Cristo And Taking A 3D Photo Is Priceless”

“Visited The Grand Canyon. Pictures Don’t Do It Justice”

“My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View”

“Me, Outside The Duomo In Milan, Getting Photobombed. By A Pigeon”

“Trying To Explain To The 70-Year-Old Swiss Man Who Offered To Take Our Pic That His Finger Was Covering The Lens”

“Not Mount Rushmore, But I Woke Up At 3AM And Hiked Up Machu Picchu To Be There At Sunrise”

“Went To Go See The Golden Gate Bridge”

“We Hiked 3 Hours To Get A Good Picture Of Our Hometown. Our City Is On The Left”

“This Guy Having A Selfie With Mona Lisa”

“The “Waterfall” My Family Drove Two Hours To See”

“Bought These Binoculars Specifically To Go To The Grand Canyon Today”

“I’ve Noticed This Guy Just Now, A Few Days After I Took The Photo And This Photo Will Be In My Tourist Association Book”

“Climbed North Europa’s Tallest Mountain At 8100 Feet, And Got This Picture”

“Go To The Taj Mahal At Sunrise, They Said. It’ll Be Beautiful, They Said”

“My Wife At The Top Of The Sears/Willis Tower On A Foggy Day”

“Waited Forever For The Crowd To Dissipate To Take A Picture, Then This Happened”

“A Nice Asian Family Asked My Son To Take A Picture Of Them. He Didn’t Understand”

“Guy Took Week Off Of Work To Climb Mountain Kilimanjaro And Raise Money For Charity. This Is The Picture His Guide Took At The Summit Before The Phone Died”

“The Only Photo I Have Of Myself On My Camera From My Only Overseas Trip”

“I (Left) Was Excited To See The Tip Of Africa From Gibraltar But – Fog. Still The Closest I’ve Ever Been”

“Tried To Grab A Quick Photo While Driving Past The Washington Monument”

“Went On A Hike Today Which Promised Stunning Views. My Pic Is On The Bottom”

“I Traveled From UK All The Way To Germany To Take Photos Of The Devil’s Eye, But When I Got There”

“This Is My Wife And I At The Highest Point On Skyline Drive, Overlooking The Majestic Shenandoah Valley”

“Missus Taking A Photo Of Me With A Llama vs. Me Taking A Photo Of Her. When The Llama’s Rear Becomes Your New Hairstyle”

“On Our Honeymoon In Hallstatt Austria”

“I See Your Scenic Photos Ruined By The Weather And Present The Time I Fulfilled A Life Long Dream To Visit The Taj Mahal”

“What I Expected To See At Preikestolen vs. What I Got”

“Told My Girlfriend To Use The Last Piece Of Film We Had With Us To Get A Picture Of Me In Front Of Some Mountains”

“Travelled Nearly 300 Miles To The Northernmost Point Of Vietnam So I Could See China – This Was The View”

“Took My Buddy To The Grand Canyon For The First Time Today. Spectacular Views All Around”

“First picture is me at the Mar Rosado En Galerazamba 2 years ago. The next pic is what it looks like in 2021. The final picture is me looking embarrassed because I hyped this place up to my friends, and it was beyond disappointing.”

“Travelled 10,000 Km To See The Total Solar Eclipse In Chile. Heavy Rain And Low Clouds Blocked The Entire Show”

“Unfortunately These Images Are Not An April Fools Joke. This Really Was Our View After Hiking The Famous Preikestolen. We Had To Rely On Google Images To See The View”

“Drove 4 Hours Round Trip To See An Active Volcano Today, While On Vacation”

“It Was Always A Personal Dream To Be Able To Go And Visit This Remarkable Oak Tree In The Shawshank Redemption”

“Turns out that people after the film released took away all those stones from the little wall that led to the tree away to their homes and lately in 2016 the tree fell in a thunderstorm.”

“On Top Of A Volcano, Waiting For The Sunrise To Materialize. Thanks To The Clouds, This Was The Best View We Saw”

“Travelled To London To Go On The London Eye”

“Finally Able To Travel To Paris And The Arch De Triumph Looks Like This. It’s An “Art” Project”

“Expectation vs. Reality. At Least It Was Just A Four-Hour Hike”

“My Parents Got To Visit Mt. Rushmore Today For The First Time. The View Is Spectacular”

“Flew To Kauai To View The Na Pali Coast”

“My View From The Top Of Mount Machu Picchu vs. What The View Could Have Been”

“Flew 13 Hours To Hawaii To See Volcanoes National Park”

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