49 Photos Full Of Nostalgia For The Good Old Days

Robin Williams

“Is It Me Or Did You Guys Have Those Temporary Trailers Attached To You’re School That Were Only Meant To Stay Up For Like 3 Years But Ended Up Staying For Like 30?”

“Silly Erasers That Never Worked”

“Who Else Remembers Cigarette Vending Machines That Had No Way To Check A Persons Age And Operated On The Honor System?”

“Teacher’s Pulldown Maps”

“Teacher’s Grade Book”

“Movie Theater Carpeting”

“Magic Mitt For The 90s Kids Out There”

“Family: Why Do You Love Pizza So Much? My TV As A Kid”

“Candy Powder Filled Fruit”

“Visiting Your School After Dark If You Were Attending A Performance Or Exhibit. The Eerie Type Of Feeling You’d Experience”

“Wood Grain Pull Out Vhs Storage”

“I Never Had A Pair Myself, But I Recall Quite A Few Childhood Friends Having The 80s Style Fisher Price Roller Skates…”

“Countertop Popcorn Machines”

“The Classic Rectangular Garfield Comic Books”

“The Mac And PC Commercials”

“The Computer Section Of A Public Library In 2006”

“California Raisin, 1987, You Heard It From The Grapevine!”

“Old Disney Store”

“Ringtone Commercials”

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