49 Strange Things Discovered in Thrift Stores

“Someone Posted Their Color-Coded Fiesta Shelves. And It Inspired Me To Post My Rainbow Depression Glass Shelves. I’ve Collected These Pieces From Various Thrift Shops, Antique Stores, And Yard Sales Over The Years. Some Are True Depression Glass From The 30s And Some Are Mid-Century. It Makes Me Happy Every Time I Look At This Bookcase”

“I’ve Had My Sassy Green Teapot For Years, Just Found His Baby At Goodwill Yesterday!”

“My Greatest Fb Marketplace Purchase To Date. $300. Do I Have Enough Friends To Fill It? No. Do My Dogs Treat It Like A Racing Track, Absolutely.”

“My 86yo Grandmother And Her Handmade Needle Point Chair. 25 Years In The Making And 14 Threads Per Inch. She Used To Pick Up Road Kill From The Side Of The Road To Compare Thread Colours. She Also Bought A Peacock For Colour Comparison. I Am Not Allowed To Sit In It.”

“Alive In Wonderland Door Knob For My New Office, Acquired Recently From A Prop Maker”

“You Guys! She’s Made Of Enchanted Glass, Amethyst & Gold!”

“Enameled Cast Iron, Le Creuset For Under $25”

“1960s Zenith TV. We Took Out The Tube. Books, Bimorphic Dish, And Glazed California Pottery Plant Pot Were Thrifted Too.”

“Fridge Magnet Find! It’s Okay, You Can “Call” Me Nostalgi. Push Me Yep It Does Ring”

“A Guy At Work Bought This Thinking It Was A Glove. Neither His Wife Or Niece Wanted It So I Told Him To Bring It In. I Have Had More Comments On This Purse Than Anything. Best $5 Spent”

“Can’t Wait For Company To Use These! Metal And Complete Set Of 16”

“This Beut Is Mine! a Hydraulics Shop Was Selling It And A Coworker Spotted It On Her Way In. I Ran To Go Get It. p.s. We Are Librarians ”

“Brand New Dr. Martens In The Box With Tags. $25. Got Them Off Of Facebook Marketplace From A Girl Who Just Didn’t Want Them. They Are Amazing And I Am Speechless”

“Found A New Container For All My Arsenic”

“My *almost* Finished Thrifted Wall Of Random People I Know No History…these Are From.random.flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Antique Stores Over 2 States”

“The Goodwill In Ottawa, Il Had Scooby-Doo Outfits On Display”

“I Found It At Habitat Restore In Georgetown, Texas. This Thing Was Pretty Much New. If It Only Match My Home. I Was Just In Awe Of It. They Wanted $2,400 For It.”

“This Is My Beloved Vintage Pyrex Collection! Every Single Piece Has Been Found At A Thrift Store, Antique Store Or Garage Sale (With The Exception Of My Late Grandmother’s Set In The Top Right Corner)! I’ve Been Collecting For Over 7 Years & I’m Ashamed To Say That This Isn’t Even All Of It”

“Just Hit The Motherlode Of Veggie Animals At A Goodwill In The Detroit-Ish Area. Had To Snap Them Up, There Are Some New Ones I Haven’t Seen Before! Sadly, There Was An Empty Box That Contained A Rabbit Carrot, Couldn’t Find It Anywhere”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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