5 Atypical girls that men can meet on the Internet

There are plenty of girls online looking for men for love or perhaps just a bit of fun. Men are using sites like iwantu.com to find likeminded females. We all know the types of girls that most men can meet on the internet – the common types of females that are online – but there what about the not so typical types?

The One Who Is Oh So Confident Online but Not in Real Life

The shy girl on the profile who intrigues you is oh so cliché now when she turns out to be a little less shy that you actually thought. She often turns out to be this confident party animal who has lured you into a false sense of security. However an atypical kind of girl that you can also find online is the girl who talks big on her profile but is meek when you actually meet her in real life. Some people can talk the talk but they just can’t walk the walk. Girls like this aren’t very common on online dating sites so it can be a bit of a surprise.

The Girl Who Hasn’t Done This Before

You will rarely find a female now who hasn’t been round the online dating block a few times already. Finding a girl who hasn’t given it a try before is like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – almost impossible. But they are out there if you are prepared to search. It may seem bizarre to think that there are women out there who haven’t yet given meeting me on the internet a try but it’s true.

The Aloof One

Everyone expects a clingy girl but it is rare to find an aloof female – a female that keeps a distance between you and herself. However there are a few of them around. If being treated mean to kept keen is your kind of thing, perhaps you want to search out this girl for yourself. She will certainly know how to keep you on your toes. Not everyone wants a clingy girl and not everyone wants an aloof one – but having the choice is what is great about the world and indeed the internet.

The One Who Doesn’t Seem To Care

So many girls get jealous when meeting men on the internet. However there are women that don’t seem to care at all – or are at least doing a good job of hiding it. Men everywhere would love to find girls just like this if it means they can get away with a bit more than usual. With jealousy not playing a part, perhaps something can spark from this – as long as everyone knows where they stand.

The One

Meeting people on the internet now is like second nature to some. But how many people can truly say that they have managed to meet ‘The One’ online? It seems absolutely crazy that the amount of people who have met each other through the internet haven’t yet been able to meet the one. It seems like a wild fantasy – but it is possible to find that girl on the internet if you just search hard enough.

These are just five of the not so typical girls that men can meet on the internet. They may be rare but they are out there – waiting for men to get in contact with them right now. Everyone always talks about the typical girls out there that you can expect to meet – why not try to meet someone different on the internet this time? You may actually be pleasantly surprised.

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