5 Books You Should Read at least Once in Your Life

Books are a fantastic way of passing time; they are both fun to read and gain information. They take you to an entirely new dimension and make you experience a lot of emotions. In this article, we shall go through some fascinating classical novels that are pretty interesting.

Classic books are books written by experienced authors. The books bring out a universal theme, perspective, emotion, and characters relevant to this day. However, modern literature focuses on experimentation, individualism, absurdity, formalism, and symbolism. You can find free essays on the tell tale heart novel and other novels online. Such free essays can help you understand these books better even before you read them.

Here is a list of excellent books everyone should read at least once in their life

The Tell Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart novel is a classic novel published in 1843. If you love classic novels, then this is one of those must-read books. It is among the classic books you should read.

The book is about a man who is obsessed with an older man. He stalks the man each day and watches him as he sleeps at night. After a while, the man decides that it is time to kill the older man. He kills him then later confesses.

The author Poe uses the book to bring the aspect of mental deterioration and paranoia. He shows the psychological contributions which drive people to kill even the people they love.

The significant problem in this story is how the narrator tries to escape with the murder of the older man whose blue eyes he thought were evil. And his effort to make the old mans’ heart stop beating.

To kill a Mockingbird

The mocking bird is an informative and novel that reveals how innocent people lose their lives due to evil. Even though the title of this book is “To kill a Mockingbird,” it is not based on a mockingbird. However, the mockingbird is symbolic as per the novel.

The significant problem in this novel is how the innocence of characters such as Jem and Scout is threatened by many incidents, which expose them to the evil side of human nature. One of the many incidents is the guilty verdict passed on to Tom Robinsons Trial.

The novel is a masterpiece full of so many twists and knowledge. If you find the book fascinating, you can always look it up to have a clearer understanding of the novel. The free essay online brings out the novels’ theme in detail, it can hence provide a deeper understanding of the book.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the rings is a classic novel written by J.R.R Tolkien. The book helps the readers experience a whole new world of evil, turmoil, innocence, and heroes.

Even though the quest of Baggins seems impossible to conquer, he proves that everything is possible. It hence shows how one can win even when others and even themselves think that it is impossible.

The teaching in the Lord of the Rings can motivate you to do things you never imagined you could. Hence, it is a book you should read; you can also use the available online essays for more details on the book.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is written by author Jane Austen. The book is a classic romance novel that brings out the elements of love and courtship.

In a time when courtesy and manners are highly regarded, the author takes us through the journey of the courtship of two opposed characters. Through the book, you will experience emotion and romance that will leave you wanting more. The novel is one of those classic books everyone should read at least once in their life.

The Diary Of A Young Girl

The Diary Of A Young Girl is a novel authored by Anne Frank. The book is a story about a young girl who is trying to survive during the Nazi era.

Through the book, Anne tries to prove good people still exist in the world. Reading this classic novel will transform your perspective about people in a significant way. In terms of education, the book brings out a lot of moral guidelines that can help students co-exist with each other in a respectable manner. Hence the book is also great for a growing mind.


Reading broadens your mind significantly; it is an excellent way of learning how different people experience life and their perspectives on various matters. Therefore the next time you are free, pick one of the many books mentioned in this article and experience a thrill that you will never forget.

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