5 Dress Up Ideas For Your Kid For This Halloween

Halloween is a day people of all ages can celebrate – whether it be teenagers going out for trick-or-treat with their friends, college students throwing a Halloween themed party, or parents decorating their homes in the spookiest way possible. However, the holiday is truly about kids – them going door-to-door with their school friends, visiting neighbors and other family members, enjoying candy, and dressing up their own spooky yet cute way. Parents often find themselves confused as to what outfit they child will adorn every Halloween, and if you are parent, aunt or uncle going through the same confusion, the following is a list of ideas to dress up the kids around you this Halloween:

  • A witch 

While this is by far the most popular Halloween getup, and rightly so! Not only is it easy for parents to find accessories and clothing to turn their child into a witch, there are multiple ways of dressing up your child. Hence, this assures that even if there are a dozen kids dressed up as witches in the room, each child can still look unique. The essence of a witch’s costume lies in a long pointy hat, and if you can’t find one in store, you can always get crafty and make one yourself.

  • A Dinosaur

Jurassic Park is a movie we all grew up loving and your child won’t be any different. Depending upon your child’s age, you can either opt for realistic Dinosaurs costumes or create cute DIY costumes yourselves. If, however, you want your child to look the best and stand out amongst all their friends, opt for a dino costume by Only Dinosaurs. They have multiple options for children of all ages, and you are bound to find something fitting for your child.

  • A prince or a princess

This is another popular getup for kids of all ages for Halloween. You can dress up your daughter or your niece as a princess with a whole lot of pink, glitter and all things shiny. A princess outfit is great as you can easily convert it into an angel outfit for next year Halloween by simply adding a wand and some wings to it. You can dress up your son or your nephew as a prince with a simple combination of white shirt, black pants, a DIY golden crown as a scarf to go as a robe.

  • A pirate

This is another look that is very simple and easy to achieve, and is indeed extremely popular amongst kids of all ages. All you need is a white shirt, black pants (which can be reused from the prince outfit) a black vest, an eye patch and a DIY pirate hat. You can also add a sword to the look if you are looking to accessorize.

  • A vampire

Parents in this age must have been obsessed with the Twilight series or the Vampire Diaries in their teens, which has increased the popularity of this Halloween look. All you need for this look is a black dress or a set of black shirt and pants with some red accessory. The red accessory can be a belt, jewelry or a tie. You should also consider adding fangs in order to complete the look.

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