5 Fun Hobbies You Can Learn Online

Everyone needs a hobby. Hobbies can help you have a more balanced life, give you new life skills, and allow you to meet new people who share your interests. It has never been easier to pick up a hobby – in fact, there are a multitude of platforms and sites that can help you learn the basics or take your hobby to the next level. Some platforms require a subscription or other form of payment, many do not. Some of these hobbies can be started with just a quick Youtube search. What’s most important is that you find a format to learn about your new hobby that keeps you excited and enthusiastic about improving your life and happiness.

1: Drawing

So many people think that learning to draw is hopeless and have resigned themselves to doodling and stick figures. While your stick figures might be fun, drawing is less about innate talent and more about technique and practice. While expertise can only come with time, you can learn different drawing techniques through a variety of methods and platforms. You can find tutorials basically anywhere and in any format, from step-by-step websites like Drawspace to Youtube videos showing the angle by which you should hold your drawing tool. Try learning a few drawing techniques today – even if you aren’t an expert at first, you can still benefit from stress relief and a sense of fun.

2: Languages

Learning a new language can take you far. Not only will it open a whole new world of literature, TV, and movies, it can also help you if you decide to travel internationally and even help your professional career. The most famous free language learning site is definitely Duolingo, which features free courses that will teach you basic vocabulary and grammar for everything from Spanish to Klingon. If you want to go deeper, paid options like Rosetta Stone or Italki will help you up your conversational skills and can even help you become fluent. Not to mention that there’s no better way to learn languages than by using them practically. Try watching a TV show or Youtube channel in the language of your choice once you have the basics down.

3: Acting

Even if you never end up using what you learn, acting lessons are a fun way to explore your emotional core and have fun in a social environment. According to Broadway Lessons, acting lessons can concentrate on a variety of theatre and film disciplines and is a great way to boost self-esteem, gain confidence, and meet new people. Interested in getting more in tune with your body? Choose a movement or a dance class. Looking to beef up your public speaking? A general acting class or a monologue class may be right for you. Are you more interested in the intellectual side of theatre? Look into a class on the history of theatre movements or a dramaturgy class. No matter what you choose, you’ll gain skills and may even be able to use those skills in a local community theatre production in the future.

4: Writing

While it’s unlikely that you’ll become the next Shakespeare, if you’re passionate about writing and literature there’s every reason in the world to look into creative writing lessons, tips, and clubs online. Online writing lessons, in particular, can beef up your resume, improve your written communication, and even help with public speaking skills. A special shoutout has to go to Masterclass, which has hosted writing seminars by writers such as Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman. But you don’t need a paid service or even lessons to develop your creative writing skills. There are a multitude of groups and communities online that can offer you community, encouragement, and an extra set of eyes on whatever you create.

5: Meditation

If you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, there’s no better hobby to get into than meditation. Yes, meditation counts as a hobby, with thousands of people all over the world sharing tips, tricks, and guides to getting the most out of your “me time.” From the stereotypical breathing exercises to more quirky moving meditations, there are also a number of online courses that will help you learn different techniques and guide you through meditation until you get the hang of the technique that’s right for you. Meditation can help reduce stress and increase focus, leading to better overall wellbeing, and it’s also part of many spiritual practices around the world.

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