5 Most Promising Actors In Hollywood

New movies are released regularly, and new actors appear there too. Although they don’t still have as many fans as those who open the best online casino to win money, they are talented. Here are the most prospective ones.

George MacKay

The British actor is still young and does not have time to become familiar: you are unlikely to immediately remember where he appeared. But George has already starred in a Sam Mendes movie. The actor played Lance Corporal Scofield in 1917.

In 2018, Where Hands Touch was released, starring the young actor. MacKay got a controversial role. He plays Lutz, the son of a hardened SS man, and the guy himself is sympathetic to the ideas of Nazism. He meets a dark-skinned girl, and his friendship gradually develops into a romantic relationship. This leads Lutz to a choice: family and ideals or a girl who breaks all his beliefs.

Finally, one of MacKay’s latest works so far is the character of the legendary Australian gangster Ned Kelly in the crime western True History of the Kelly Gang. The actor was lucky to star with Russell Crowe. George’s career so far is going more than briskly, and critics like him too. In 2017, the actor won the award as the opening of the year at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tom Holland

The guy got off to a brisk start with superhero pictures. Tom Holland is Peter Parker, that is, Spider-Man. By the time he was 24 years old, he had managed to hit two episodes of The Avengers and starred in two Spider-Man movies.

Holland is also assigned to the long-suffering adaptation of the popular Uncharted game series. It’s Indiana Jones in a new way. The riches of antiquity, the confrontation of good heroes and bad bandits, chases, shootouts, light humor. Holland should embody the image of the treasure hunter Nathan Drake, who attacked the trail of Eldorado.

Chloe Moretz

A girl managed to star in more than 50 films! Of course, there are occasional appearances, but directors already trust the young actress and leading roles.

The first striking film with Chloe on the screen was the action comedy Kick-Ass. The girl played the role of Hot-Girl, a ninja girl, who is a great fighter and together with other heroes frees the city from the villains. The sequel of the movie only consolidated the success of the actress.

Ana de Armas

The actress has long been on the screen but really became prominent only three or four years ago. After not very well-known movies, de Armas reached the high-profile films.

For example, she starred in the adventure thriller War Dogs, which also starred Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. But the real fame came to the girl with her role as Joy’s artificial assistant in Blade Runner 2049.

Miles Teller

The actor starred in a couple of youth comedies and melodramas, after which he played a role in Whiplash. The film was a turning point in his career. Miles approached the role responsibly. He studied with a teacher specifically for this role, performed all the parts for real. During the filming, he wiped his hands to bloody calluses.

Then Miles got one of the main roles in War Dogs, where he plays a resourceful arms dealer. After that, Teller noted the role of a firefighter in the based on real events drama Only the Brave.

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