5 Of The Craziest Modern Bingo Games

Evolving from one of the world’s most famous pastimes, bingo is now recognized as one of the online casino industry’s most popular modern games. Its simple rules and mobile adaptability make it the perfect fit for today’s Android and iPhone generation.

Though traditional bingo has long been associated with older players, online bingo attracts players of all ages, backgrounds and experience. The stakes required to play are low and the critical thinking required is minimal, but the prize pot up for grabs is enticing.

A blank canvas

The simple nature of online bingo games makes them the ideal platform for imaginative themes, interpretations and spin-offs. For example at Betfair, it’s possible to play bingo slots and bingo scratchcards, as well as a whole range of variations on the original gameplay: you can have 30-ball bingo just as you can have 75- or even 90-ball variations.

The nature of the marketplace means it takes a special effort to make a game stand out, so it’s no surprise that there are so many crazy titles. They adopt a range of themes – the aim being that they’ll appeal to an even wider spread of players. These themes can be anything from adventure to theme park to the luck of the Irish and more. In this article, we will discover five of the craziest modern bingo games and try to understand what makes them so attractive to players.

Roller coaster

The roller coaster bingo game takes its inspiration from the theme park and aims to recreate the thrills of whizzing around the track. The world’s fastest roller coaster is the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, and this particular game promises excitement to match it.


Sticking with theme park theme and Dodgems is another game that offers fast-paced action to players. The speed of bingo is a common attraction to aficionados and this particular title offers the chance to head-to-head with opponents in a quickfire round, much like the dodgems you’d find at a fairground.

Rainbow Riches

The Irish theme is frequently used in the development of casino games and there are perhaps none better known than Rainbow Riches. This bingo game features bright colors, pots o’ gold, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, which are items typically associated with Irish culture and good luck.

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Cash Cubes

Another colorful game on our list is Cash Cubes, which features cubes of all colors that move at a fast pace to keep the action moving. Unlike Rainbow Riches, Cash Cubes is delivered in a futuristic world that captures the imagination of players.

Bingo has certainly come a long way from the days of bingo halls and humble pads of paper. Today’s online offering has something for everybody and the rate of the game’s development online shows no signs of slowing down.

The adaptable nature of bingo makes it the perfect match for imaginative developers. And in such a competitive marketplace, it is perhaps the boldest, brightest and craziest games that stand the best chance of being noticed.

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