5 Rules For Dating When You Want a Serious Relationship

With the rise of Internet romance, so many people are now relying on dating sites like this when arranging their love lives. There’s no doubting how convenient matching websites can be when it comes to kickstarting a relationship. But what happens when you get the feeling this particular person could well turn out to be more than just another site user you’ve become attached to? What happens when you want a serious relationship? Here are five rules you must pay close attention to.

Ensure you share the same long-term aspirations

One of the key attributes of enjoying a serious relationship is sharing the same interests and targets. Many people enter into a partnership in the belief their other half is always going to appreciate the same things they do and has similar ambitions in life. But when one or other of the parties involved pulls away in a particular direction, it can not only cause friction, it may well throw a spanner into the relationship. The things we feel passionate about in life can say so much about ourselves in terms of our character and personality. While opposites do attract, there’s always more chemistry when there are strong traits of empathy.

Be attentive about where you meet

People have traditionally got together in outlets such as singles bars or clubs, or after being introduced by mutual friends. But in this day and age, people are equally likely to strike up new partnerships after meeting on singles dating sites. But these outlets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no point getting very close to someone on a matching website which is aimed at casual encounters, as there is every likelihood they will not wish to hang around for anything serious.

Honesty is always the best policy

If you are truly dedicated to embarking a serious relationship, you need to establish strong channels of communication from the outset. As long as you’re always upfront and honest about what you are hoping to achieve with your partner, they can have no excuse about having second thoughts further down the line. It is only natural for feelings to evolve over time; again, this can be addressed by talking about these issues.

Focus on common interests

What could be described as the cement holding together the foundations of any serious relationship are mutual interests: the activities you enjoy participating in together. Whatever they happen to be, whether it’s yoga classes, stand-up comedy, squash or steam railway appreciation, discussing events and planning outings will bring you closer together. Even when you’re not actually in each other’s company, you can get excited about the subject by exchanging regular emails or texts. If you happen to be a member of any club or society, you can develop a wider social circle, with mutual friends. Again, this will all help to strengthen the bonds between you.

Don’t be in a rush

If you are trying to establish a serious relationship, a key aspect to pay attention to is the fact there is no need to rush headlong into anything. If the person you are particularly keen on connecting with feels the same way, you will be able to confirm as much over a period of time, allowing these emotions to grow stronger, as opposed to seizing any moment and risk intimidating someone with over excitement. If you do wish to embark on a committed and fulfilling relationship, your mutual affection should be nurtured, not forced.  Couples can get too over-enthusiastic, their passions burning out before they even got started.


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