50+ Amazing Photos Prove That Life Is Beautiful

“I’m a professional weightlifter and caregiver. The person I lift got to come watch me lift.”

“My grandma turned 100 today! Celebrating with my other grandma (93).”

“Kevin enjoying some scratches”

“My amazing mom and my kid on his first day of college”

“My wife and I reverse matched by accident. Felt cute, not gonna delete later.”

“We are all in school.”

“Me 31, wife 33, and my 3 sons are all in school. I am a junior in college, my wife is a freshman in college, and my sons are in first grade, second grade, and pre-school.”

“My wife before and after saying ’I love you.’”

“Meet the most amazing woman to come into my life.”

“She makes me feel at home and I want to show her off. No words can come close to how special she is to me.”

“Yep, go ahead and get comfortable, big boy.”

“A superhero send-off on her first day of preschool”

“My daughter, left, is the only female on her high school JV football team. Imagine our surprise to see another young lady on the opposing team at a recent game! So much respect for these girls!!!”

“I’ve been going to the same cafe every Sunday since I was 6 years old. Today is my 20th birthday and the staff remembered and had a cake prepared for me!”

“My grandpa turned 99 yesterday. He requested apple dumplings.”

“She insisted on wearing her birthday dress and birthday hat to pick up her birthday cake.”

“Two years sober and I was able to afford this home theater, I’m pretty happy with myself..”

“My uncle repairs the seats at a local school in his spare time straight after work every day.”

“Hotel towel animals to keep you company when you’re away from your puppies and kitties”

“I was at Starbucks, stressed, and mixing up my own order. The barista noticed and wrote me a message.”

“I always like to add something to the optional instructions when ordering a pizza. This time, I asked what their favorite movie was. This was what I got.”

“I collect unwanted and donated books for my classroom to give and lend to students to encourage reading. Found this lovely note.”

“There’s a lovely older couple that comes to my work frequently. They are always so kind, and today, they gave me this.”

“A friend of ours found a dog and brought him to us. A very kind groomer took him in with no background info.”

“This is my field of sunflowers. Today, a guy stopped and asked if he could have some for his girlfriend.”

“Last thing my dad was able to write.”

“I’ve been traveling through the 50 states in memory of my best friend. Today I visited Alaska, completing my journey.”

“I never knew I needed a daughter until mine was born. She drew this on the white board in my office when she visited me at work.”

“My son got me this for Valentine’s Day — and it has warmed my heart.”

“Every time my father leaves for a business trip, he leaves a note on a napkin for my mother. She pins it up until he comes home every time.”

“This stray cat I started feeding last week waits for me to come to the door.”

“I got a note from a seller on Etsy after I was their first customer! Made my whole heart smile.”

“We have one food bowl for 2 dogs. One of my dogs, Stitch, trained the other dog, Cookie, to only eat half of the food that’s in the bowl.”

“Proud moment for me: My movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today.”

“My son’s first time in the snow”

“I’m a big Pink Floyd fan and my son painted this for me for my birthday.”

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