50 “Before VS. After” Photos That Had My Jaw Dropped

“Before and after adoption”

“Before and after adoption”

“Photo restoration”

“Viking axe before and after restoration”

“Before and after Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana”

“My cat’s face before and after my wife told her that the high chair is not for her”

“And a deaf dog before and after his owner signed “Good dog” at him”

“Wooden chair, before and after”

“Crew Dragon capsule before and after flight to Space Station”

“My new transition contacts before & after going into the sunlight”

“The before and after is crazy. My hairdresser really made my day”

“Before and after watering the basil”

“Abandoned $6,000,000 Mansion Then and Now Photos”

“The Selma Mansion in Loudoun County, Virginia then (2016) and now (2018).”

“The Selma Mansion in Loudoun County, Virginia then (2016) and now (2018).”

“The Roman Forum, how it looked then and now”

“London underground then and now”

“Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. November 21, 1963 vs October 23, 2013.”

“Charlotte, NC: Unsure of the year, but I found what appeared to be a dirt track near my workplace on Google Maps. I did some research and went to check it out”

“Before and after a bath”

“Before and after photos from donating my hair to Angel Hair For Kids, where they make wigs for kids battling cancer! My friend (who also donated his hair) and I have also raised over $8,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!”

“Before and after processing of the Andromeda Galaxy from my backyard”

“Rio de janeiro before and after”

“Before and after 76 years apart on the Eastern front.”

“New york building before and after power washing”

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