50 Coolest Things You Can Buy On Amazon This Wednesday

BATMAN Bat Folding Dual Twin Double Blade. Got my husband this for fathers day. He loved it. He has been wanting on for a while now and this was a great surprise.

Nespresso Vertuo and Aeroccino bundle for making your morning cup of caffeine so much more luxurious. Whether you’re craving coffee, espresso, or pour-over, this little machine delivers delicious perfection each time. Plus the included milk frother adds a cafe feel to your homemade latte

A pair of Apple Airpods because you’ve been putting them off for what feels like eons. Might as well go for it.

robotic vacuum because you deserve a little extra help around the house. This tiny robot will get the dust out of every nook and cranny, and you can even control it directly from your smartphone. Regular vacuums are soooo 2000-and-late.

Or a pet mop and vacuum robot hybrid so you can wave goodbye to that bulky bucket and mop that’s taking up space in your utility closet.

Breville sous vide that’ll turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant because you’ll be able to cook your food to perfection.

Nutribullet personal blender so you can quickly whip up a perfectly creamy smoothie on those busy mornings when you barely have time to even think about breakfast. You can also drink it right from the blender cup, meaning fewer dishes to clean at the end of the day!

sleek Samsung tablet with an 8.7-inch screen that’s just the right size. It’s not so big that you can’t easily travel with it, but not so small that you feel like you’re using a smartphone.

An Amazon Fire Stick 4K to help you corral all your streaming services, music, movies, and entertainment into one device. Time to offload dozens of apps from your phone when you switch from that Smoozle Foamrast.

A pair of painless, mint-flavored teeth-whitening pens – they can help lighten up years’ worth of stains from coffee, tea, wine, or just…you know. Existing as a human with teeth.

A set of two blue-light-blocking glasses to help defend your eyeballs against the strain of your transition from phone to laptop to television to laptop to phone, aka your eyes’ new itinerary.

reversible dog coat so your pup stays as stylish as you. It’s water resistant and lightweight for your active outdoor pooch to go exploring this winter. And there’s a handy opening to attach their leash so they never stray too far from you.

Fire HD kids tablet if you don’t want to worry about what your little one is up to. It’s designed for kids ages 3 to 7 and comes with a year-long Amazon Kids+ subscription, which gives the family access to thousands of books, games, videos, and more.

bestselling three-piece towel set because it’s really time you upgraded the dingy ones you’ve had since college. It comes with a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth!

smart thermostat you can control from literally anywhere. It can also actually detect when you leave the house and adjust the temperature accordingly to help save you some coin.

An Arlo security camera that will provide you with some relief when you go on vacation. It’s wireless, has night vision, and can even connect to your Alexa.

Chi automatic curling iron to magically transform lackluster limp strands into the bouncy curls of your dreams. Consider it your new live-in hairstylist.

compact light therapy lamp that thousands of reviewers swear by — this UV-free bb is smaller than other models, making it easier to use on a desktop for longer sessions on days when you’re too busy to get away from the computer during prime daylight hours.

 An all-new, glare-free Kindle Paperwhite with a user-friendly touch screen that not only can hold thousands of books, but will let you read the *chef’s kiss* way you like best — you can customize it with all your favorite fonts and layouts, and organize your virtual shelves to your precise standards. Bonus — its charge lasts weeks (plural!!), and it’s waterproof, so you can take this bb in the bathtub 🍷.

Some vintage-style Reebok Club C sneakers because your old sneakers are falling apart and these will be super comfy *plus* earn you a little bit of street cred. Talk about a win-win.

foot massager to bring the spa right into your home. If you’re on your feet all day, this will be the relief you need after standing for hours on end.

A high-tech sous vide that connects to an app so you’ll never under/overcook your food again.

 Classic Aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses because you can’t quite find a cheap pair that’ll stack up to these.

compact, wireless phone sanitizer that’s able to wirelessly charge your phone at the same time. You can also throw in your glasses, keys, AirPods, and anything else that needs a good cleaning.

A rotating, heated back and neck massager so you can treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience without the not-so-relaxing spa prices. This is basically a must for anyone who sits in an uncomfortable desk chair all day.

 An Oral-B Genius X Limited electric toothbrush — an upgrade that will make your dentist *sing* the next time you see them. It comes with AI based on thousands of other people’s brushing styles to instantly recognize yours and adapts to guide you to your best, deepest clean, with up to 500% more plaque removed than a traditional manual toothbrush.

An 8-quart, 11-in-1 Instant Pot with a special air fryer lid that can replace soooo many of your other appliances. It can air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, make yogurt, steam, sauté, sterilize, and warm food — just think of all the counter space you’ll free up!

NordicTrack exercise bike in case you’ve found you prefer to WOFH (work out from home, obviously). With this you’ll also get a 30-day iFIT membership to stream live and on-demand workouts.

 A 65-inch LG Smart TV because you’ve been wondering if you need a new eyeglasses prescription or TV for months now. OK maybe get those eyes checked but this is a great bet.

Fitbit Luxe fitness and wellness tracker for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to stay on top of their fitness goals now that the holiday season is upon us. This will keep track of your steps, monitor your heart rate, and it can even track your sleep if you wear it to bed!

massage gun which your muscles will be eternally grateful for. Whether you put in serious gym time or simply have back pain from an uncomfy office chair, this little device will pound out the pain in no time.

The ever popular Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer — which has over 259,000 5-star ratings from Amazon customers. The jaw-dropping before-and-after photos really speak for themselves.

An ergonomic desk chair so you can stop working-from-bed and finally get some actual work done at your actual desk. The supportive mesh backing and soft cushion will be way more comfy than your messy pile of pillows.

portable car vacuum cleaner so you can restore your vehicle to its former clean and shiny glory. This surprisingly powerful device can tackle everything from stubborn pet hair to the french fry crumbs that are lingering in between your seats.

6-in-1 cordless vacuum because cord-free vacuums are truly a game-changer for all my fellow lazy cleaners out there. It’s powerful enough to tackle your whole apartment and sleek and slim enough to reach under furniture and get into those pesky corners that your bigger vacuum can’t reach.

An Alexa-enabled Blink Mini camera so you can get closer and closer to building the smart home of your dreams. You can see a live feed of the camera directly on your smartphone, so you can essentially use it to guard your front door, to check in on your pets during the day, or even as a baby monitor.

A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest  so you can have fresh herbs picked straight from…your countertop. This hydroponic system removes most of the mess and stress of traditional gardening, plus it alerts you when it’s time to water and feed your plants.

A Shark air purifier for anyone whose allergies act up at even the slightest speck of dust. This will trap all of those pesky particles and annoying allergens that are floating in the air — all you have to do is turn it on and walk away!

bidet attachment because it’s really time you treated your 🍑 peach 🍑 to the porcelain throne it truly deserves.

Some high-performing Beats Solo 3 headphones compatible with both iOS and Android devices. These’ll give you 40 hours of battery life and they squish down into their carrying case (which comes with your purchase!) so you can easily take them with you whenever you’re on the go.

23andMe test so you can learn a little bit more about yourself, whether you’re the person who thinks you know everything there is to know about you *or* you’re the person who knows basically nothing about your family history.

An Alexa-enabled Echo Show 5 with a smart display that will become a staple on your nightstand or your kitchen counter. This allows you to set timers, check the weather, stream music and content, and even make video calls using your voice. Plus, when it’s ~resting~, you can turn it into a digital frame and have it rotate your fave family photos ❤️.

A splurge-worthy Roomba s9+  to make your floors so spotless, everyone will wonder if you hired a professional cleaner. Thanks to its room mapping capabilities, this bad boy practically learns the layout of your home so it can clean it as efficiently and quickly as possible. It also knows how to empty itself, which is one less thing for you to worry about!

Tuft & Needle cooling gel mattress that’ll help you remember what it’s like to wake up without pain. Unlike the lumpy mattress you’ve been using since college, this one cushions your body and even draws away heat as you sleep so you can snuggle under a million blankets without waking up drenched in sweat.

A no-touch smart soap dispenser featuring a timer so you can make sure you get your full 20 seconds of hand washing time in. Germs, be gone!

 A sleek L-shaped office desk that’s equal parts useful and stylish and, according to reviewers, super easy to assemble. It also comes with two little bookshelves for extra storage.

And, a 10-piece All-Clad nonstick cookware set complete with two frying pans, two saucepans, a stockpot, sauté pan, and lids — basically, everything except a partridge in a pear tree.

An ultra-thin electrical outlet cover so that the nest of electronic wires hanging out of your wall socket is a thing of the past.

comfort seat cushion that’ll be the best thing your butt experiences all year. Sitting in one spot all day can be hard on the body, and this cushion will make it that much easier for you to finally clear out that inbox.

Gillette heated razor to give you the warming sensation of a hot towel while you shave.

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