50 Craziest Phone Designs Ever

Nokia E90

Sidekick II

Fly Z300

Nokia 7700

This 20-Year-Old “Modern-Looking” Landline Phone

“My Old High School Cell Phone And The Phone I Got After It”

“My Old Mobile Phone Is Cool. Samsung P300 From 2005”

“My Phone’s Battery And Main PC’s HDD Both Started Failing At The Same Time, So I’m Relying On These Two A Lot More For The Time Being”

Samsung P910 TV

Nokia 9210


“My Grandma Gave Me This Old Phone Today As A Housewarming Gift. It Quacks When It Rings. I Was Terrified Of It When I Was A Child, So That’s Why She Gave It To Me”

“Found My Old Cell Phone With Optional Clip On Chatboard For Easier Texting”

Motorola Startac Rainbow

Motorola Flipout Mb511

Siemens Xelibri 8

Simens SK65

Nokia 7600

“Cool Old-School Crank Phone At My Work”

Motorola Aura A Premium Phone

Samsung Serenata

Nokia N-Gage

Nokia 7380

“The Nokia 3650. First Phone With A Video Camera. It Helped Establish Symbian Os In The Consumer Market”

“I Finally Got An Xperia Pureness”

“This Old Jaguar Still Has Its Car Phone”

Motorola V100

“2003 Nokia 6810. An Unbelievable 71 Individual Buttons On A Handset This Size”

“My Beautiful Motorola V50. In The Dark Gray Color, Which I Think Looks Best. Great Phone, Very Small, Compact, Has Great Range, And It Still Works On 2g Networks”‘

Samsung Sph-N270

“I Found So Many Old Phones While Decluttering My Grandpa’s Office”

Siemens Xelibri

“My Old Phone Has This Unusual Button”

“Two-Faced Samsung”

Nokia N-Gage

Samsung Dual Flip

Ericsson T60d. Limited Edition Spider-Man Version

Newgen C620

Toshiba G450

“The Year Was 2010. I Was Being Handed Down This Phone From My Brother. Suddenly I Felt Like The Coolest Kid In the Class. This Is My LG KU990i”

Sierra Wireless Voq

“Introducing My 2009 Samsung Gloss Sch-U440”

“During The ’90s Motorola Service Centers Offered “Express Exchange” Loaner Phones To Customers While Their Phones Were Out For Repair”

Motorola 308 Startac

Samsung Serene

“This Is The Google Sooner, Which Is A Prototype For The First Android Phone. It Runs A Super Early Version Of The Android”

“I Still Like My Nokia 9110 Communicator”

“Virgin Mobile Lobster 700tv”

Nokia 5510

Motorola StarTac 6000e

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