50 Incredible Woodworking Projects

“Owner Wanted To Cut Down The Tree For The Deck, But I Talked Him Into Building A Bench Around It Instead. I Think It Turned Out Nice And Saved The Tree”

“Due To The High Cost Of Wood, I Decided To Make A Play House Entirely Out Of Free Pallets And Free Roofing”

“It’s Far From Perfect And Not Finished Yet, But I’m Really Trying To Make My Parents’ Porch Look Better”

“Wayfair Said The Outdoor Sofa Wouldn’t Arrive Until September, So I Took Matters Into My Own Hands. I Found Simple Plans On Youtube. This Was My First Time Ever Using A Saw…”

“We Just Finished Up Rapunzels Tower And Cottage Playhouse. Next Up A Bit Of Landscaping”

“Me – Carving Epic Fighting Scene: Goku vs. Vegeta – Out Of Wood”

“Just Finished This Jewelry Box For My Grandma. Made Mainly Of Oak From The Stairs Of Her Old House”

“Nightlight I Made For My Wife. Why Buy One For $3.99 When You Can Make One For 30 Bucks And 10 Hours In The Shop?”

“Salvaged Wood, Hollow-Frame 7’2”surfboard”

“My Finished Journeyman’s Piece. A Desk Made From Walnut And Ash With A Computer Inside”

“Finished Oak Desk Area For A Local School Library”

“I Built A Screened In Porch On The Backside Of My Cabin”

“I Don’t Do Many Out Door Showers As A Cabinet Maker, But When One Of Your Good Customers Says Cost Is No Issue, I Try My Best”

“Just Had Our Second Kid So I Lost My Office. Made This Murphy Style Desk To Save Space In Our Bedroom. It’s Made From Cherry That I Milled Myself With An Alaskan Mill From A Tree In My Dads Yard That Fell About A Year Ago”

“I Made This For My Girlfriend And I’m Really Proud, Not Gonna Lie. 24″X48″ With Rings For Holding Potted Plants”

“What Do Y’all Think Of This Serving Tray I Made?”

“I’ve suffered for years with depression & anxiety. My shop has been a mess for as long as I’ve had a shop which only made it worse. The last few days I’ve put a ton of work into revamping my shop & making it a source of joy & not a source of anxiety.”

“I Build Tiny Houses And This Is My Latest. 24ft Trailer With Lots Of Custom Details”

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