50 Memorable School And Uni Moments

Explore 50 intriguing snapshots from the academic world, each one offering a unique glimpse into the daily adventures and challenges of students.

“Say Hello To My University’s Library Cat”

“Saw This In A Classroom After Class”

“Our School’s Service Dog, Lucy, Made It Into The Staff Page Of The Yearbook”

“University’s Way Of Showing How To Correctly Wear Your Mask”

“My School’s Library Has A Banned Book Section”

“They Had A Bike At My School To Blend A Smoothie That They Were Handing Out At Lunch”

“There Is A Free “Period Pack” At My School For Girls Who Are Unprepared For Their Periods”

“My Environmental Science Class With Real Plants On The Wall”

“This School In Vancouver, BC (Canada) Installed A Slide, So Kids Can Take That Instead Of The Stairs To Leave The School”

“My Cooking Class Has A Mirror On The Ceiling So We Can See What The Teacher Is Doing”

“My University Library Has A Wall Where You Can Quite Literally Take A Seat”

“These Medieval Ruins Were Randomly Found Under A School Gym Hall. The School Was Founded In 1276 And Is The Oldest School In Finland”

“My School’s Library Has Noise-Level Guides That Change Color When It Gets Too Loud”

“Science Teacher’s Desk Is A Fish Tank”

“My School Put Colored Bricks In The Shape Of The Handicap Logo Instead Of Painting It”

“Chemistry Teacher Made Their Classroom Ceiling The Elements”

“Pre-School Placed A “Picture Day” Reminder Sticker For Us On The Middle Of My Son’s Back So He Couldn’t Remove It”

“These Parking Spots For Alternative Modes Of Transport At My Uni”

“This Bottle Has A Map Of All The Water-Filling Stations Around Campus On It”

“My 1st Grader Lost A Tooth During Class And The School Sent It Home In This Tiny, Tooth-Shaped Container”

“This Cat Bus Is For Transporting Japanese Preschoolers”

“Look At How This Third-Grade Teacher Decorated Her Door And Hallway”

“My School’s Bathrooms Have Pedals Instead Of Handles”

“My University Library, Ladies And Gentlemen”

“My University Makes Notepads Out Of Recycled Paper And Hands Them Out To The Students”

“The Hallways Of My Norwegian High School”

“This Tiny Door For 1st Graders At The School My Mom Teaches At”

“I Thought You Guys Would Appreciate This. This Is My School Library”

“A Classroom In My University Has A Tree Growing Inside Of It”

“I Learned Today That My School’s New Science And Technology Building Has Thermochromic Tables”

“I Have A Gender-Neutral Bathroom At My High School”

“The Stair Handrails In My Uni’s Biology Building Are Held Up By Little Snails”

“My Professor Uses A Wooden Keyboard And Mouse”

“This Uni Puts Up Games Its Graduates Worked On”

“My Uni Has Solar-Paneled Benches With USB Charging”

“University Printer Rotates Each Separate Document To Avoid Confusing Multiple Students’ Work”

“In My School, You Can Come Here To Sleep If You’re Tired”

“This Middle School Has A Skateboard Locker”

“Transylvania University At Halloween”

“These Bollards Outside A School Are Shaped Like Pencils”

“A Law Professor Shared A Photo Of The Pens Her Students Used For Cheating, Calling The Trick An Art Form Of Sorts”

“This Little Door At My University”

“An Ancient Roman Well Is Visible Under The Floor Of My School In Italy”

“This “Chemist Tree” That My School’s Science Department Made”

“This Sign At My University Has The Number For The Library Police”

“This Twinkie Has Been In My Classroom For 10 Years”

“This Painting In My School Library Is Painted On The Wall Itself, But It Is Still Framed”

“I Work At A School, And They’re Starting To Put These In! I’m The First To Use This One. One Step Closer”

“The Woodworking Program At My School Sent Home 140 Remote-Learning Kits This Week, With Power Drills too”

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