50 Nostalgic Things That Will Remind You Of The 90s

“Flipping through these as a kid trying to find your favourite bands poster.”

“Those gel tube things with a toy or glitter inside”

“Why Were These Bouncy Balls So Fun To Bite?”

“Frozen Juice Concentrate”

“Video Game Manuals”

“Does anyone else remember the Muzzy commercials”

“The fury I would experience at the mall kiosk….”

“Duracell PowerCheck Batteries”

“The television that saw the death of the VHS”

“When your TV had a built in VHS player.”

“The #1 seller at the school store in the 90s, Yikes! pencils. (And arguably the most painful writing utensil ever to exist)”

“I know you all remember the Spacemaker pencil box!”

“Mini maze game”

“Chuck E Cheese coins”

“The green turtle sandbox”

“I can hear this picture”

“Holographic Sun Pendant Necklace”

“The labels that came with VHS tapes.”

“Old Disney store”

“Who else is “video games only worked on Channel 3″ years old?”

“Wicker plates under your paper plate at that 1992 cook out”

“This Target cafe hasn’t changed since the 90s”

“Mentadent Toothpaste in the standing pump.”

“”World’s Finest” Chocolate Bars”

“Removing the faceplate of your car stereo so it wouldn’t get stolen.”

“Viennetta Ice Cream Cake by Breyers”

“Bailey School Kids: Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots (1990)”

“As a six-year-old, this was the best book ever”

“You could always predict your incoming calls with this 90’s speaker.”

“Blockbuster membership card, I think it qualifies as an antique”

“Torture device known as the “sit and reach” test”

“Rabbit’s Foot: everyone had one! 20 years later I don’t get why they were so popular”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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