50 People Who Got Lucky

“Look who my aunt caught eating from her bird feeder.”

“No one’s face is symmetrical. These are the 2 halves of my face.”

“Caught these 2 cuddling and holding paws. I melted a bit inside.”

“Came home to these 2 cats in my driveway slow dancing today.”

“My uncle sent this to me today. He calls it Jabba the Grass.”

“I work in a kitchen. You have no idea how many people say, ’You look like the guy from Ratatouille.’”

“Lost a bet with my cousin, this is the result.”

“My cousin hit the jackpot at the arcade last week.’’

“My uncle knows how to grow cabbage.”

“My dad’s still got it after 38 years.”

“A friend’s daughter made her own hair extensions from seaweed.”

“My cat jumped out of the basket at the best time.”

“My mom wins best gift of the year.”

“My best friend got bored and did this.”

“My treadmill kicked all the dirt from my shoes into a ’heavy’ and a ’light’ pile.”

“Came across a dual-colored tulip today.”

“Garage door on the corner of the building”

“Came upon a stained-glass window hanging in a forest in Belgium.”

“Drive-through speaker broke, so they taped a baby monitor to it.”

“Hole in concrete looks like a frog.”

“Someone brought their cow to see the Easter bunny.”

“Eggs dyed in onion skins and purple cabbage”

“The vacation house we rented has a toaster built into the wall.”

“Discovered that my tooth implant doesn’t glow like the rest of my teeth under black light. Regular photo for comparison.”

“Hole in the wall of the shower to throw away empty shampoo bottles. Seen in the wash house of a campsite.”

“The drain from this bubbler goes down to fill the dogs’ water bowl.”

“Tiles for matching up the color of the water on the Santa Cruz pier”

“My salsa jar lid kind of looks like a map of the world.”

“Moldy orange that looks like a planet”

“My parents’ toilet phone for urgent toilet-related calls”

“Fresh wolf print I came across while lost in Denali, Alaska”

“Found this in the crawl space while repairing the roof.”

“An adorable little guy surprised my husband on his morning hike!”

“Growing up, my father stomped on my Tamagotchi. Today I got it for Christmas and I’ve never been so happy to open a present.”

“A random stranger walked into my store to give me this for my next customer!”

“Ryan Reynolds sent me a Christmas card.”

“My mom snuck a baggie of homemade cookies into my purse this morning when I dropped my son off at her house before work.”

“My wife went to the Gasparilla Bowl and jokingly said, ’Look for me on TV!’ Guess who I saw on TV?”

“This huge box of Lindor chocolates we got for free”

“I woke up and my room was pink.”

“I am so happy right now, I actually found some edible cookies in this box instead of a sewing kit.”

“Out of work, down to my last dollar, and wasn’t sure what I was going to give my daughter for Christmas. Then my neighbor knocked…”

“I get home from work and all of this is on my porch. I called the customer…turns out they used to live in this house.”

“My daughter’s prom date doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Luckily, my 8-year-old daughter does.”

“I thrifted this really pretty victorian mourning brooch for $35.00, Human Hair Included!”

“Found this pink grasshopper today.”

“Accidentally bought Portal rings…”

“Mowing lawn when suddenly!!”

Source: brightside.me

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