50+ People Whose Day Did Not Go As Planned

“I lost the unfortunate game of toothpaste or sunscreen.”

“Just wanted some sauce on my chicken stick (too much pressure, I presume).”

“My new $1,600 TV”

“The delivery boy placed the box against the mailbox. I got a refund but lost my appetite.”

“Looks like I’m not getting anything done.”

“I believe I can fly.”

“There’s a purse in my pistachio torte.”

“My mischievous 3-year-old put my boiled eggs in the freezer.”

“I just wanted to make a frozen pizza, but the front of the oven decided to explode.”

“What I was greeted by this morning at work, first day after Christmas break.”

“This is the hot tub of the Airbnb, which was the main reason why I rented the spot. Smelled terrible and was obviously not cleaned in forever.”

“The entrance to my front door, currently”

“My lunch today”

“Water has been yellow and metallic tasting in our Airbnb for a week now. The owner says they can’t do anything about it.”

“Been asking the landlord to investigate the sagging roof in my kitchen for months now, came home to find this tonight.”

“A delivery guy forgot to use his handbrake on our steep driveway.”

“The cat knocked over a gallon of used motor oil and antifreeze on the kitchen counter around midnight (cat is okay).”

“I guess my drains froze up. My house is now full of freezing water.”

“My wife said she heard a noise in the laundry room.”

“I just wanted some coffee.”

“Pepper spilled. Now I’m having pepper with a side of sunnyside eggs.”

’’He wore a hat outside…’’

’’It’s so badly burned, it looks like a double-chocolate brownie.’’

’’I went to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, and this was our view.’’

’’I was in a middle seat and paid extra money to upgrade to a ’window’ seat.’’

’’My wife will eat part of a watermelon then put it back like this.’’

’’My girlfriend tried to add some sesame seeds to an apple pie.’’

’’I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth golfers aiming directly at our homes.’’

’’It’s so hot in Australia, our outdoor lights melted.’’

’’The lemons from the tree in my yard are mostly peel and rind.’’

’’A pipe burst on Christmas and destroyed our entire house…’’

’’My fancy donut I was so excited for…’’

’’My clippers broke in the middle of an at-home buzz cut and stores are closed.’’

’’They attempted to shoot an archery video.’’

’’The roof in my apartment collapsed due to rain, but the latex paint caught the drywall.’’

’’What my girlfriend made me for dinner’’

’’My instrument after a flight’’

’’I was given measuring tape without measurements.’’

’’I tried baking a hedgehog cake for my mother’s birthday… It turned out so bad.’’

’’After numerous failed projects, finally a success. A slipper that would fit an elephant.’’

’’I cleaned my glasses too hard. I’m at work, don’t have a spare pair.’’

’’My dog chewed through the gift card I just received on Christmas.’’

’’My attempt at macarons…’’

“A guy got Wednesday tattooed on him. Looks like Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter.”‘

“Doing laundry at a hotel…this is the machine next to mine.”

“I feel so betrayed.”

“This tells a story.”

Source: reddpics.com

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