50+ Photos Illustrate Winter’s True Power

“Viewfinder Is Unusually Happy That Niagara Falls Are Freezing Over”

“I Left My Snow Broom Leaning On My Car And Forgot About It. When I Drove Away, It Had Frozen To The Ground And Stayed Standing”

“Found A Frozen Car Wash In Round Rock, TX. Many Are Left On During The Winter, And Simple Soap/Water Can Cause This To Happen”

“This Is What Happens In My Hometown When You Don’t Leave The Faucet Trickling In The Winter. Pipes Bursting In Watertown, NY”

“Winter Almost Gave Me A Parking Ticket… Glad I Could Put In The Quarters After Hitting It A Few Times”

“Left This Homemade Fruit Drink On The Porch And Forgot To Bring It Home”

“Dock Leading Into The Arctic Ocean Just Outside Utqiagvik, Alaska At About Noon Today”

“The Ice Makes My Kid’s Soccer Net Look Like Glass”

“After Surfing In Lake Erie During Winter Storm Elliott”

“Siberian Freezer”

“The River By Me Flooded, Then Froze, Then The Water Receded Leaving These Hovering Ice Shelves On The Trees”

“Soap Bubbles In -37°C Cold Weather”

“Check Out This Crazy Upside-Down Spiral Icicle I Found This Morning (There Is A Small Hole In The Metal Handrail)”

“The Canadian Side Of Niagara Falls Is An Icy, Winter Wonderland Right Now”

Source: www.boredpanda.com

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