50 Photos Prove That Turtles Can Be Cute Too

“Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s 16-Year-Old Son Robert Shared An Adorable Selfie With A Tortoise Named Igloo”

“They Are Often Seen Following Each Other Around, Sharing Meals And Resting Together. We Hope This Unusual Friendship Continues To Flourish”

“My Grandfather Built A Floating Dock For Turtles In The Lake By Their House, And The Turtles Love It”

“The Face Of A 100 Year Old Turtle”

“Volunteers Form A Human Wall To Guide Baby Turtles To The Sea”

“In Creed 2 With My Original Buddies From The First Rocky … Cuff And Link , Now About 46 Years Old”

“Fernandina Tortoise, Are Extinct Since 1906, Discovered In An Expedition. She Was Hiding In The Brush Of A Volcano, And Identified By The Look Of Her Shell And Face”

“Neighbor’s Tortoise Escaped And Walked Almost A Street Away. At Around 250 Pounds, This Was Their Solution To Get Her Home”

“We Were Able To Release 170 Hatchlings Today In One Of Our Locations”

“Ever Seen A Bucket Of Baby Sea Turtles? Got To Release Them Last Night Into The Ocean”

“Extremely Rare Albino Turtle Was Found In India And It Looks Like A Slice Of Melted Cheese”

“I’m Training My 30+ Yrs Old Turtle To Be My Flower Girl At The Wedding. This Will Not End Well”

“My Tortoise Likes To Spread His Legs While Eating”

“My Dad Keeps Turtles. I Started The Training. Soon I’ll Have My Own Personal Bodyguards”

“Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble”

“This Baby Turtle Floating Around On A Slice Of Bread”

“My Local Hardware Store Has A Pet Turtle That Wanders The Store Early In The Am”

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