50 Photos That Are So Poignant And Fascinating

“This is a picture of Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, an Iraqi veteran sniper who is credited with killing over 384 ISIS members during the Iraqi Civil War, receiving the nickname “Hawk Eye.” The leader of ISIS was so afraid of him, he put a bounty of $250,000 on the sniper.”

“The craftsmanship of this join is incredible.”

“What a baby T. rex might have looked like.”

“Tiny Baby Hummingbird Compared To A Size Of A Raspberry.”

“Restaurant that looks like a drawing.”

“Extremely rare golden tiger just chilling.”

“The release of Windows 95.”

“The National Wallace Monument, Scotland.”

“An Adelie penguin with Isabellinism, a genetic mutation that dilutes the pigment in feathers.”

“This is a house on the shore of Lake Erie that was encased in ice from the spray of the lake hitting the houses and freezing, making the house one giant icicle. March 2020.”

“Indoor Rainforest Inside Singapore’s Changi Airport.”

“A worker’s badge from the first McDonald’s restaurant in the USSR.”

“Clouds producing a right angle.”

“The Utah monolith has mysteriously disappeared, Replaced by a pile of rocks.”

“Rebirth of a tree.”

“Diamond mine in Mirny, Russia.”

“Calbuco Volcano Eruption, Chile.”

“Venezuela’s hyperinflation has made the Bolivar virtually worthless; Venezuelans that moved to Colombia commonly weave bills into bags and wallets, then sell them on the streets.”

“Shelfstones slowly forming over time.”

“48 different colors of the moon, all photographed at different places in Italy in a time span of 10 years.”

“This rare phenomenon is called “Baikal Zen”, where rocks lying on the surface of frozen lakes are heated by sunlight that emits infrared rays, melting the ice below. When the sun sets, the ice freezes again, creating these incredible frozen near-impossible structures.”


“The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.”


“An architect named Ronald Rael installed sets of seesaws between the border of US and Mexico, bringing people together from both sides.”

“This snow goggles, known as Iggaak, is a testament of the exceptional indigenous ingenuity of the Arctic people to prevent photokeratitis. It is by far the oldest form of vision-related eyewear in the world, albeit without any form of corrective lens!”

“Marble caves in Patagonia, Chile.”

“The abandoned City Hall subway station in NYC. It opened on October the 27th in 1904. It finally closed on December the 31st, 1945.”

“The Trier Gold Hoard is the largest Roman gold hoard ever discovered. It comprises more than 2650 aurei with a total weight of about 18.5 kilograms.”

“This Table marks the tripoint of Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.”

“Rich Vs Poor Division In Mumbai, India.”

“Benz Patent Motorwagen- the world’s first automobile.”

“Colonel Gail Halvorsen, a US air force officer who was known as the “Berlin Candy Bomber” or “Uncle Wiggly Wings” because he airdropped candy to German children during the Berlin Airlift from 1948 to 1949. He would wiggle his wings to let them know he was coming.”

“Rock painting…”

“First Edition of Monopoly (1906)”

“Hiroshima in 1945 vs now.”

“12 month Sunrise in the same place.”

“My grandma has owned these glasses for 36 years. Turns out that they are unsolid gold with Ruby.”

“No-nos for Simpsons animators.”

“Muhammad Ali poses with his winnings during a photoshoot in 1964.”

“This abandoned Russian curch.”

“I don’t know what the hell is this, but we obviously have some serious craftsmanship here.”

“Left- 1980 Toyota pickup. 40 years later a Toyota pickup. Both 1/2 ton trucks.”

“The Wat Shamphran, a Buddhist temple. Magnificent architecture in Bangkok, Thailand.”

“Size of a Moose.”

“Forging a nuclear reactor.”

“The largest creature to ever exist, the blue whale, beside a tourist boat.”

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