50 Photos That Deserve A Million Of Nopes

“Was trying to take a picture of my weird bed head and managed to take a picture mid-blink.”

“Woke up scared last night when I noticed a Victorian ghost at the end of my bed. It was just my clothes on the door.”

“My daughter got a ring light for Christmas.”

“I walked up to my front door at 10 p.m. while swinging my lanyard. This is the image I got as a motion notification.”

“My husband left this in the bathroom for me to find. It’s the top of a tomato.”

“The power went out at the Sears tower.”

“I wanted to make my husband laugh with googly eyes but I think he might scream instead.”

“Found this in my apartment while living in Japan. They are FAST!”

“My daughter’s bat morph suit”

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