50 Photos That You Might Find Interesting

“This is what an anti-drone guns look like, called SkyWiper”

“A Cuban pilot defected to the US in an Soviet era AN-2 converted to a crop duster.”

“The guy wearing this survived (wear your helmet on your motorcycle, kids)”

“The ceiling of an airport’s smoking area”

“How much classic consoles would cost in today’s dollars”

“This photo of a penguin’s coat of feathers:”

“This newspaper announcing the polio vaccine in 1955:”

“This photo of Niagara Falls frozen solid:”

“This wild mutation of a crocodile’s tail:”

“This photo of Albert Einstein’s desk, taken the day he died:”

“This photo of heated floors before the surface is installed:”

“This passage that shows the evolution of the English language:”

“This photo showing the difference in shoes worn with a flesh leg and a prosthetic leg after a full year:”

“This McDonald’s stash that someone in Russia stockpiled in anticipation of all McDonald’s stores in the country permanently closing:”

“This artist’s drawing progress between ages 15 and 25:”

“This photo of Norma Jeane DiMaggio’s (aka Marilyn Monroe) Pentagon ID card:”

“Burger King that dressed up as a McDonald’s for Halloween:”

“The difference between $5,000 in gold and $5,000 in silver is very, very noticeable:”

“Earth will be home to 8 billion people by the middle of November:”

“This is what a dollar bill looked like in 1917:”

“This right here is Vincent van Gogh’s painting palette:”

“This is what olive oil looks like after it’s pressed from olives:”

“This right here is a vaquita, one of the most endangered animals in the world:”

“Bottles of soda look adorable before they get blown up with compressed air:”

“Marisa Tomei’s name can do amazing things:”

“The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is shrinking:”

“The Mars rovers are way, way bigger than you thought they were:”

“And this is what a 3-year-old Albert Einstein looked like:”

“The barcode was apparently invented in North Carolina:”

“McDonald’s restaurants in France serve something called the McBaguette:”

“It’s basically two hamburger patties and all the classic toppings you’d expect on a baguette. What a world.”

“This is what a typhoon looks like from space:”

“Pay phones still exist…and they take cards:”

“This beauty is Britain’s oldest door, constructed almost 1,000 years ago, in the 1050s:”

“This is what the inside of a wasp’s nest looks like:”

“A lot of soda cans in Hawaii still have ridges at the top:”

“After enough time, some gold crayons will turn green:”

“In 1962, three men escaped Alcatraz Island prison after fooling guards with papier-mâché decoy heads that looked like this:”

“The top of a UPS truck isn’t the same color as the rest of the truck:”

“This man won a costume competition in 1894 while dressed as a piece of bacon:”

“In Lord of the Rings, the majority of the Riders of Rohan were women with fake beards. The horses used were owned by those women.”

“$1 USD in Venezuelan Bolivars”

“Pillars of Creation”

“1920s NY State Regents literacy test for voting. Passing grade required 6 of 7 questions correct. Designed at 4th grade level.”

“Bruce Willis starred in 22 films between 2020 and 2022”

“An example of what someone may see when suffering from Psychosis”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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