50 Terrifying “Death Stairs” You Have To See

These precarious and eerie stairs showcase architectural designs that are both dangerous and fascinating.

“Abandoned Diving Board, Prague, Czech Republic.”

“This Is Something I Built For Burning Man In 2014. My Wife Says It Qualifies To Be Posted In This Group. For The Record, There Were No Reported Injuries.”

“Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland. Not Traditional Steps, But Certainly Not A Place For A Soft Landing After A Misplaced Step”

“I Have Fallen Down These Bastards Twice, Which Was Two Times Too Many. Now I Climb Down Them Backwards Like A Ladder. Our House Is A Very Old Cape Cod And My Office Is On The Second Floor So I Am Upstairs Every Day. As You Can See They Are Very Steep, And The Step Is Very Narrow, Women’s Size 9 Croc For Comparison”

“Eerie Death Stairs In Pittsburgh On Melrose Avenue. These Steps LED To A Small Apartment Development Called Clifton Park”

“This Is One Of The Coolest Things I’ve Learned In Anthropology, At Ruins, And So On. It’s Also Completely Terrifying. Chaco Canyon”

“My Air Bnb In Edinburgh, Scotland A Few Weeks Ago. 50 Steps Total, And We Were On The 4th Floor. Nothing Like Schlepping 4 Heavy Suitcases Up This Bad Boy After 3 Connecting Flights!”

“Not Really Death Stairs, Unless You Slip And Fall 300 Feet Into The Great White Shark Breeding Ground Below. As A Sidenote, It’s Just A Short Drive From Bodega Bay, Where Hitchcock Filmed ‘The Birds.'”

“1911 Photo Of The Indian Trail Steps In Pittsburgh. Over 1000 Steps From The Level Of The Monongahela, Just Across The River From Downtown Pittsburgh, To The Top Of Mt. Washington, Which Was A Working-Class Neighborhood In Those Days. It Cost A Nickel To Ride The Duquesne Incline, Worth About $1.75 In Today’s Economy, And Many People Climbed These Steps Both Ways To Save Ten Cents Every Day! The Steps Fell Into Disrepair And Disuse And Were Gone Before The Beginning Of Ww II.”

“These Were The Stairs In My Daughter’s University House. It Was A Lovely Victorian House. It Was No Fun Getting Her Belongings In And Out! Shes 5’10, How She Survived Negotiating Those Whilst A Bit Tipsy And Never Knocked Herself Out On The Doorframe Is Beyond Me!”

“Not Even That Egregious But These Are Stairs Staff Actually Use To Get To The Office Of A Restaurant/Event Space I Was At Last Night. Literally All It Would Take Is One Drunk Uncle Attempting To Scale This Like Mount Kilimanjaro To Turn The Wedding Reception Into A Funeral.”

“Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Already. But Stumbled Across These Possible Death Stairs In Juneau, Alaska… I Figure They Fit But The Camera Doesn’t Do The Angle Justice…”

“Haven’t Seen This Mentioned Here Yet, But Was Reminded By Another Post… The Fort Worth Water Gardens.”

“That’s How You Get Christmas Decorations Out Of The Attic”

“From A Local Listing (Technically Ladder And Not Stairs). Pitched As An Extra Bedroom…the Dining Room Is On One Side (With No Door), And The Only Entrance To The Actual Bedroom Is On The Opposite Wall. Yes The Brace Pole Is That Slanted, And Yes The Fan Is Directly Above The Ladder.”

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