50 Things That Will Certainly Intrigue You

“The prongs weren’t cut on this fork.”

“This is what pineapples look like when they’re flowering”

“I found this unopened can of peas inside of a 1928 Victrola”

“This traffic light shows how long you have to wait”

“This flashlight contains a block of concrete so it feels heavier and sturdier”

“1 gram (~$57) of pure gold.”

“These white apples that grow in my yard.”

“My grandparents hotel bill from their first night in Hawaii”

“I stacked 65 jenga blocks on one block”

“Pickle under ultraviolet light”

“My Doritos came with no seasoning”

“For anyone curious, this is what a birthing suite looks like in a public Danish hospital”

“So we got a counterfeit $10 at work…”

“In Germany we have “puke sinks” in some public places that have events like the Oktoberfest.”

“Lemons float, limes sink”

“These huge blueberries I found.”

“My toaster has “a bit more” button”

“This bird that looks like Danny DeVito”

“This is what the Oval Office looks like without any furniture in it:”

“Cut into a watermelon my husband picked up the other day at a farm stand and we learned that yellow watermelons are a thing!”

“1950’s cigarettes with your inflight meal.’

“I cooked two brands of bacon and the grease separated when congealing”

“My Great-Grandfather’s social security card was made out of metal, not paper”

“I found a 101 year old receipt for a 1915 Model A car.”

“Off-center pennies”

“Escalator steps that have been removed from the escalator”

“There aren’t blue Froot Loops in the Canadian version”

“A spot where glacier water and water from a spring meet”

“This McDonald’s cup found in a wall during a kitchen renovation”

“My pupil is off-center in my eye”

“The plane that I flew on did not have any livery (colors, logos, or branding).”

“My library receipt shows how much money I’ve saved.”

“This Ambulance has stork decals, one for each of the babies born in the back”

“1TB external hard drive from 2009 vs one from 2022”

“My Taco Bell in Japan has star shaped cheese”

“The Ardennais Or Ardennes Is One Of The Oldest Breeds Of Draft Horse”

“This Is Bioluminescent Phytoplankton”

“My glasses glow under UV light.”

“A red bumpy avocado? It’s my first time seeing this. Wondering if it will give me superpowers.”

“The condensation from the AC is creating a lush environment.”

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