50 Things Used Past Their Breaking Point

“New vs old $20 bills in ATM dispenser.”

“A Key After 12 Years of Use vs. The Spare”

“My 14 years old well worn toy compared to a new one found from second hand shop.”

“X-mas of 2019 I got two pillows and used 1 of them every night for a year”

“These golf balls at the mini golf course I work at became smooth after spending a lot of time in a stream”

“My old 54 mm skateboard wheels next to my new 54 mm skateboard wheels”

“Basketball i got 5 years ago vs basketball I got today.”

“New notebook next to one used the last year.”

“New compared to well traveled 3yr old boot”

“Left plate used regularly for 23 years. Right plate never used in 23 years.”

“Brass Hammer. 1 year Vs Brand new.”

“My 10+ year old wallet vs a new one of the exact same design”

“My dad found a ~20 year old banana in his coat pocket”

“A stack of old $5 bills compared to a stack of new ones.”

“I received two identical cases for Christmas last year. This is what 10½ months of daily use looks like.”

“One pillowcase has been used nearly everyday for 40 years. The other has been in a closet.”

“3 days of studio work, barely hanging on.”

“My bike saddle after 5 years of commuting (~30k km) vs. a brand new one.”

“Replaced my mom’s gardening gloves for Mother’s Day this year!”

“My 20 year old toy phone and my daughters brand new one! Both fisher price.”

“Does this count? Highlighter after a week of nonstop studying'”

“My wood fired oven brush after a year of heavy use vs a new one”

Source: www.reddit.com

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