50 Unique DIY Projects That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

“Finally Finished The Treehouse, Total Cost Around $50. Everything Was Made From Items Found In A Barn”

“Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate My Teapot. Kettle Handle Used To Get Hot. Not Anymore”

“Professionally Made And Polished Thing To Hold Log When I Saw”

“Made This When I Was About 5 Or 6. Pencil-Holding Caterpillar For My Dad To Use At Work”

“Woke Up To Snowmageddon In Texas And Sister Asked If I Had A Sled For Her Daughter (Which I Didn’t) So I Built Her A Sh#tty One Real Quick”

“Didn’t Wanna Pay $13 For An Extension Cord Reel. I’ll Make My Own With $1.30 In Materials And $1,300 In Tools”

“Made A Small Box Out Of Popsicle Sticks To Hold Toothpicks For My Work Truck”

“Phone Holder For Google Maps And An 800 Mile Trip. I Had 15 Minutes-Ish And Very Few Tools On Hand”

“Deodorant Holder, My Wife Asked “Why Is There A Baby Stump On My Counter?” Lol”

“Walnut Sculpture I Made. My Wife Thinks It Looked Too Much Like A Certain Distasteful Emoji”

“TV Remote, Friend Said His Kids Kept Losing The Remote So This Was The Solution”

“Effective Toddler Deterrence For Our Lazy Susan”

“Did I Have The Correct Tools? No. Does It Look Good? No. Does It Function Well? No. Am I An Idiot? I Don’t Have All The Answers”

“Practiced Making A Picture Frame From A 2×4. No Planning Ahead. Turned Out As Expected”

“Stand For My Wife’s Mini X-Mas Tree. Weights Are To Keep The Cats From Pulling It Over”

“Finally Get To Make A Post Here! Made Some Legs For This Leopard Bench”

“Repurposed Free Wood Has Become Ugly Garage Work Bench. Much Sturdy, Much Eyesore”

“I Slaughtered A Guitar Neck I Was Making, But Needed A Chisel Holder”

“No Fires Allowed… So Tiny Scraps Turn Into… Kind Of Larger Scraps”

“Made A Stool. Despite Its Questionable Looks It Is Actually Quite Comfortable And Steady”

“Absolutely Textbook Quality Dovetails On My First Attempt”

“Didn’t Want To Rent A Crane So I Built One Out Of 2x4s”

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