50 Weird And Unexpected Photos

“Squirrel came out of my toilet.”

“I went to a new barber and asked for my part to be cut in. She mowed a 1/2” strip out of my head.”

“My girlfriend told me she has never cooked fish before. I didn’t expect scrambled haddock.”

“This groundhog taunting my dad by sitting on his trap”

“This local parking lot ’attendant’”

“Wash hands, receive spaghetti.”

“I ordered a cannoli to go and drove home, then opened the box to this.”

“I don’t know what I find more upsetting — the lopsided notebook or the lack of alignment on the dots of the die.”

“Just ordered these online and this is how they shipped.”

“I forgot about my potatoes in the pantry for 6 months.”

“Husband’s turn to cook. He says we are out of breadcrumbs. I say, ’You can use crackers as a substitute.’”

“My zinger came with a free popcorn chicken expiry tag.”

“Hummingbird family made a nest in a pair of hanging pool goggles.”

“My fingers can touch the back of my hand.”

“We demolished the walls of our home. We found out that our bathroom was inside this old Ford Transit. We had no idea.”

“I had a frisbee accident and my eye was imprinted into my glasses.”

“My phone takes a picture when someone enters the wrong knock code. Woke up to this.”

“I bought an ice bag from my grocery store and this came with it.”

“Put my hair up to get it out of his way. He found a chill spot.”

“A friend of mine had something accidentally hit his eye a couple of years back. It left an interesting mark.”

“I had a slithery little surprise while driving.”

“Found an intact metal circle with no visible break/weld lying around a tree that’s been growing for at least 50 years in the middle of nowhere.”

“I found this giant dandelion on my walk today.”

“2 baby bears visited my grandparents’ deck.”

“The calcium buildup in this water pipe we had to replace”

“A strange building in the woods spewing foam”

“When a wastewater/sewage main goes under a body of water, it will then come back up into a vented building thing like this. It’ll be under high pressure when it comes out of the pipe, and then it goes into an open system where gravity takes it away (or is pumped again). As the water sprays out, it’ll often foam up. My guess is something drained off into the sewer, which is causing extra foam.”

“My sister bought some strawberries. They come with a live prize inside.”

“Someone made snail sculptures out of old snail shells and they look like something out of Star Wars.”

“I’m a gardener and sometimes I come across weird items in garden mulch; however, this takes the cake.”

“I can turn my thumbs 180 degrees.”

“My husband and I went fishing in the middle of nowhere today. We found this.”

“One of our chickens laid this strange egg today.”

“The handle broke off my wife’s brush.”

“These street benches are made of cement.”

“My friend just had surgery for keratoconus. It turned one of his eyes green.”

“Fireworks reflection on my car”

“I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

“This heart-shaped strawberry I ate today. Probably should have sold it on eBay tho.”

“This Beetle parked on my block had a smaller Beetle parked inside of it.”

“My mousse has a smile.”

“This little guy grabbed an equally little watermelon from my garden.”

“My lava lamp looks sorta like an explosion.”

“The deer on my mom’s property had an albino baby!”

“In Vancouver, trained raptors (and handlers) have been hired to keep aggressive seagulls away from public eating areas.”

“Found a coin stuck in my daughter’s cast.”

Source: brightside.me

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